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We found the best vehicle the other day

We went into the Lower City’s scrap heap the other day, to see if we could find a vehicle. We now have the crew together and the next step is to get the best vehicle we can. I mean we even have a dog/mascot, but not a vehicle. it’s almost disgraceful how little we can move every day, with the Storm only 4 months away. It’s not just the Storm though, after the Transition, we’ll all need to get somewhere, and very very fast. No one has any idea what we are going to do, or what we are going to be after this Transition, but I do know that we’ll be in need of everything we can.

We found lots and lots of disposable batteries while we were in the heap, and a lot of portable car batteries. We didn’t realise that there were so many battery packs that people throw away every year. There was a huge electrical storm that wiped out a lot of Lower City’s power and electrics a few years back, and as such, many people needed to do a complete overhaul on the electrical systems of everything that they had. Thus was born the great Lower City Scrap Heap. It’s huge behemoth of a pile, with thousands upon thousands of scrap parts for everything, from hoverboards, to vehicle destroyers. It’s a gold mine for scrappers and salvagers like us, and there are many a crew who make their entire living just doing nothing but finding and selling the scrap heap material that they find. Almost 80% of it goes to second order consumer crews such as us. We aren’t the best with electrical and battery pack repairs, ao we need to buy what we can.

We’ve found that people will buy lots and lots of jump starter packs, if you can get them in working order. People need that sort of thing, and we figure we can find a bunch and start selling them as we move along. We need money to find a vehicle for ourselves, so we figured it would work in our favour. what we found was the greatest vehicle I’ve ever seen.

We need to find the best bond cleaner for now

We are moving out of the home that I’ve lived in for more than 15 years. It’s where I grew up, for as long as I can remember. Father said that we lived on a farm for the first few years of my life, but I do not remember it. I loved the house we are in now. We are moving into a house I don’t know where. I think we are moving to some house in the middle of nowhere. In the meantime, we need to get a great bond cleaning Perth crew on board. Once we do that, the landlord will be able to get the bond back to us, and we can move on.

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I’ve found out that we are not moving into a house in the middle of nowhere. We are in fact not moving into a house at all. We are going to be on the road until the Storm hits us. Once it does, and we get past the Transition, we will try and finds a new place to settle down. We need to first find out if a civilisation still exists in which to fall back into, but if it does, then we’ll be fine and dandy. Father said that since Mother dies he has not felt the same attachment to the house, hence the calling up of the end of lease cleaning Perth crew to clean out the house before we hit the road. I think we’ll be heading south, past the rivers, and onto the coast, while we hold out for the Storm.

The move out cleaning Perth crew came and went. they were very thorough; they took everything away that  cared about, as we prepare for this new life. I have no idea what we are going to do, or if it’s just going to be us. I hope it’s not. I get lonely at night sometimes, since Mum passed away.I hope we get some company soon. I hope that we even get a crew together. I’ll try and convince him to get a crew.


I have always had a major appreciation for cars, and for driving. As a child, I used to build go-karts and race them. I became known as the daredevil as I was constantly cutting sharp corners and going as fast as possible.

It was no surprise to my parents when I expressed interest in being a mechanic, but when a couple of years later, I mentioned I would like to be a stuntman, they were not at all impressed.

Regardless of their fears and reservations, I pursued my dreams and enjoyed a very promising career. One of my favourite jobs was for an action movie that required me to act as a chauffeur for a wedding limo hire Melbourne company. As the plot developed, it was revealed that the couple who had employed my character as their limo hire Melbourne chauffeur were actually prison escapees and were planning a major robbery at a bank. As the innocent stretch limo hire Melbourne employee, my character’s role was to drive them away from the bank, and through oncoming traffic in order to save my life.

My character, who was there for both comic relief and for logistical purposes such as taking the antagonists to the airport transfers Melbourne parking lot, spent much of his camera time stressing out and narrowly missing both pedestrians and traffic in his plight to save his life. It was later revealed that my character was in fact undercover and had taken the the antagonists fake IDs and plane tickets while they had robbed the bank and left me in one of the limousines Melbourne stretch limos.

People often ask me when I’m going to get a ‘real job’, but I really can’t imagine having a more enjoyable career.

Healthy Skin

I just got home from travelling to Hawaii and even though it was so much fun and I have a fantastic tan, all the flying dried my skin out and I think I deserve some beauty therapy. I decided that the best way to hydrate my skin was to have a couple of facials Perth. I will be going into the beauty salon Perth tomorrow for my first appointment and the following will be on Friday. I can’t wait to feel how smooth and refreshed my skin will feel after tomorrow!

My boyfriend seems to think that two facials in one week is a bit extreme, but he just doesn’t understand how important it is to have hydrated, smooth skin.

I was also thinking about waxing Perth because I hear that its much better for your legs, but I think I will wait a little bit longer to book an appointment, because my boyfriend would be annoyed with me. I offered to pay for him to have a facial or two as well, but he hasn’t come around to the idea quite yet. I think its growing on him, though, so I’m hoping that he will come with on Friday and we can have our facials together- that would be so cute!

I think I will start making beauty treatments Perth a regular part of my life, because it is so important to have radiant, healthy and smooth skin and hair. Soon enough, my boyfriend will understand and he will come with me on a regular basis to have beauty therapy. I am just so excited about all the time we will spend together looking after the health of our skin!

Old Dog

As a doctor, I used to be skeptical of alternative health care, but after hurting my back in a work related injury, I found myself in the office of a the chiropractor Brighton, to see if it was possible to have my spinal injuries corrected.

I had been taking medication for my back for quite some time, but was fearful of developing a dependency, besides, it was clear my back was not actually healing, and I was only masking the symptoms. The chiropractic Brighton office was full of people, and as I waited for my appointment, found myself talking to an older lady about the benefits of chiropractic care. She informed me that she came regularly, and that she always left feeling younger and healthier than when she came in. Such a review did indeed surprise me, and yet, it was clear that she truly believed her chiropractitioner Brighton was responsible for much of her current health.

I was quite disappointed when my name was called to go to my appointment, as I found the discussion I was having to be rather intriguing. However, my chiropractor proved to be just as interesting. Indeed, upon discovering that I was a doctor, he began to explain the science of chiropractic care, and the concept of alternative medicine began to make more sense to me.

When I left the office, my back pain had been minimised, and I was promised that if I continued to have chiropractic care, my back would become stronger and the back pain would continue to decrease.

As I made my way home, I continued to consider the benefits of chiropractic care and came to decide that I would recommend such alternative therapies to my clients in conjunction with traditional medicine. I suppose you can, after all, teach an old dog new tricks.

the event of the food year

Yesterday, we were invited to my niece’s first birthday party. I had expected a low key barbecue with family and a couple of friends. However, my sister had gone all out with celebrations. She had hired the wedding catering Melbourne company that had worked at her wedding to do the catering Melbourne for the party., and had also hired a magician to entertain the small humans who had come along with their parents. It appeared my sister had invited everyone she knew, and had spent a lot of money on a birthday that would not be remembered by her daughter.

The magician was great fun initially, but it soon became clear that he had limited skills and began to redo old tricks. At first, the small humans were not worried by the repeated tricks, but when the magician was repeating them for the third time, the kids slowly began to walk away and find other ways to amuse themselves. One of the children, who was quite mischievous decided that it would be funny to tie people’s shoelaces together, and as he was small, was able to do so without being detected. Unfortunately, I was one such person who did not detect him as he tied my shoes.

I do not know how much time had passed between my shoes being tied and me deciding to stand up, but I do know that it ended in disaster. One of the caterers was bringing finger food catering Melbourne. I stood up. I took a step. I lost my balance. I tried to regain my balance. I failed. Time slowed right down as I watched myself fall onto the girl who was bringing serving food. The girl’s platter was thrown into the air, and the food she was carrying went everywhere. In just a matter of seconds, the entire room was in complete chaos, and the only ones who were happy about it was the small human who had tied my laces together and the dog- who rushed to eat as much as he could off of the floor before he was moved outside. The girl who I fell onto was so surprised by the event that she now refuses to work with children and tries as hard as possible to only land corporate catering Melbourne jobs.

Winning has changed my life

Here she is, brought to you from the good people at beauty treatments Sydney, is the lovely Ms. Karen, your first winner of Ms. Science/Model!

Thank you so much. Winning Ms. Science/Model was a dream come true for me! It has been 4 months in the making and all of that work finally paid off. I want to thank everyone who helped to get mew to where I am today. I want to thank my parents, first and foremost, and I want to thank the Gods. I love all of you guys and I wish you could be here with me, I really do.I wish I could just hug you all, and just roll around. I know that’s silly, I can’t hug all the Gods, but it just makes me sad…

I love both my parents, and I love all the Gods, but I really love my boyfriend, Jimmy. He’s been really supportive, and even wrote a song about me and his band played it outside his house on the night of the pageant. I saw the footage that someone recorded on their iPhone. How cool are iPhones, right?!!

Mostly though, I want to thank the good girls at the beauty salon Sydney. They are so gorgeous, and they did such good work on me, and believe me it was no easy feat. I do not wake up looking like this, I can tell you that much!!

Those facials Sydney the girls gave me were to die for. If I hadn’t won this, then I would have gone straight there and gotten myself one. They are that good. I hope that a few of my competitors are there right now. Hi girls .I love you all, and no hard feelings! In closing, I need to say that this is such a great experience for me ,and one that I wouldn’t change for the world. Thank you so much, and I love you all.

This town ain’t big enough for the both of us

I need to get rid of this malicious software, and I mean now. I need to make sure that we call in the sheriff in these parts, and that IT services Melbourne. They are the best of the best, and when it comes to IT law, they really lay down… the law.

Anyway, they are great, which is why when I was having trouble with our servers they were the first people I called. I called them up this morning and they came round not three hours ago. Same day service is something to be expected of these fellows, but it still shocks me. What doesn’t shock me, at least in a bad way, is their bill. I mean, talk about reasonable. I could have paid for two other teams of IT Solutions Melbourne guys and girls to come in and do half the job, for what I paid them for this whole job. As I said, I’m going to be calling them again.

Afraid I don’t know that actual details of this malicious software, nor how they were able to best it. It doesn’t matter though since stories will come up around the office, and will turn into urban legends by the end of the week. I mean one time they came in for some routine maintenance work and by the end of the day, they had gotten rid of three trojans and taken apart and put back together, the entire firewall. I mean the stuff that these people come up with is crazy. I did hear that they took down a malicious AI once, back in the 90’s when AI’s were only limited to a few computers. It’s still an impressive feat, I must say. These IT systems Melbourne men sure know what they’re doing, and I need to make sure they are on speed dial for the next malicious software.

I love helping people.

I love what I do, as an accountant I get to help people. Yesa, I’m not a doctor, or a lawyer, but I still get to help people .I help them and their businesses. So many people have a great idea, or a great businessmen on the whole, but lack the accounting know how to make it all the way on their own. sometimes people need a little help and the that’s where I come in. I come in and try to help people in need of it, by going through with them, their accounts. Proper bookkeeping skills is something to be very wary of, and bookkeepers Heidelberg can be there to help you get on track and stay on track .tHe real key to this is organising all of your things. If you keep an organised set of records, half of your job is already done. You’d be surprised how many people aren’t that organised at all, and expect me to fix everything from 5 years ago and beyond. I try hard, and I’m a darn good accountant Heidelberg, but i’m not a miracle worker.

I had this one client, Ben, not his real name, or is it? He came into my office and said that he felt like he was sinking and that he needed some help and fast! I went over to his business that day and found out the truth. It was much much worse than I’d ever expected. I mean this man had been in business for more than 30 years and he hadn’t organised a single thing in his entire inventory. I mean to whole place was a perfect shop, and the customer service of the staff was amazing. Everyone knew what they were doing. I was so surprised to see such lacking in this one are of bookkeeping Heidelberg. Asked him why and he said that he just got scared of it all, and he felt like he couldn’t handle it, so he delayed handling it. I was surprised it took him this long to come clean, but I’m sure glad he did. Wouldn’t you know it, he was back on his feet in no time at all.

Healing Powers

Since I had gotten an office job, I have adopted a terrible posture. I know that there’s a certain way you are meant to sit while in front  of a computer, but I always found slouching much more comfortable. I suppose I have gotten what I deserve for not looking after myself at work, a terrible back. It is for this reason that I now find myself at the chiropractitioner Brighton, waiting for a back adjustment. Apparently slouching puts your spinal cord out of place, and this influences your comfort and the neurons that run down your spine.

My chiropractor Brighton is really a God send. The amount of pain that has been relieved since my monthly appointments has been tremendous. I find the way they pinpoint exactly where your back is out of place quite fascinating and often find myself asking a lot of questions about the science behind it. I have started to take my son along as well, and he talks about becoming a chiropractor one day and joining the chiropractor Brighton firm. Personally, I think this would be an excellent career path for him, and the fact that free chiropractic care would be coming my way is only a partial consideration.

I think it’s great that my boy wants to go down the path of health sciences, that he wants to help other people. It’s a very noble thing to do and with his bright mind, he would excel at it. I know a lot of people tend to question the legitimacy of chiropractic work, but I think that’s the result of media and people not understanding the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare. I for one have definitely been converted and am a huge advocate for it since experiencing its healing powers.