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Desperate for that bond back

The last time I cleaned the place was the weekend we moved in. I remember how messy the last tenants had left the place. The landlord had offered us a discount if we cleaned the place up for him, it was gross work but we ended up getting a good $20 off our rent every week for a year. That year is now up and the rent is going to rise to a point where my friends and I can’t afford.  We barely scrape by as it is, I work three jobs just to be able to afford to eat every day. Some days I even go without food because I can’t afford it. I really need to get out bond back so I’ve borrowed some money from my brother to pay for end of lease cleaning Brisbane. I need them to do an amazing job at cleaning so there is no way they can refuse our bond return.  I’m pretty good at cleaning, my housemates not so much.

My room and bathroom is spotless, I don’t think my housemates is quite as clean. I’m sure the vacate cleaning Brisbane crew are going to have their work cut out for them. It’s not an easy task to clean a bathroom of girl who has long black hair, I’m sure it’s going to be all over the place. End of lease cleaning Brisbane are professionals so I’m sure they’ll dealt with things like this before. I’m going to move back in with my folks for a while so I can save up some money. I can’t keep living paycheck to paycheck. I need to be more responsible and start planning for the future. I might join an online dating website or something, I hear those things are pretty good these days.

I need to clear this whole land

I need to clear this land of the trees and scrub that is has on it. I am going to build the world’s greatest house on here, and I’ll do it as soon as I have the materials for it. I’ve been making sure that I built a little bunker for myself every night, for when the creatures of the night come out to play, but during the daytime I am too busy collecting ores and wood to chop down the bushes and trees. I need to call up the crew for a tree removal Brisbane job. It will be a reasonably big job, and it will take them a few days, but I’m confident that they are good for it. I’ve had a friend of mine use them and he couldn’t stop talking about them. In  fact, you might find one of their articles if you keep searching around here. They are on the site, I’m sure of it. If not, they are on the other sites. I need to get ready for nightfall now, and make my barricade form all the skeletons, spiders and zombies. I’ll speak to you in the morning, and I’ll sort out the tree clearing.

The tree lopping Brisbane crew are here, and will get started on this place once I give them the go ahead. Alright, I just gave them the go ahead, so they should get started on this place they are in fact now getting on with the task at hand; that of chopping down all of the trees and mulching them. It’s a shame that I can’t use the wood from the trees, I’m out of it. I need to make a new crafting table for today,when I head down into my mine.

The house land that I set aside for clearing is all clear now, thanks to the land clearing Brisbane efforts of this amazing crew. thank you so much.

We love the quad bikes, in the sheds

We needed to find a portable and practical solution to the nedsa that we had, in the ranch. we have a problem and the best person came up with a solution. Linda, the new girl, who’s super cute and has the best nose in the whole world, said the smartest thing ever. she said that we could get quad bikes to use to move from one part of the ranch to another. we could even house them near the horse sheds Tamworth when they weren’t in use. t’s close to the house, so only a short walk, and they are centrally located, close to everything.It’s a brilliant idea.

It takes more than 10 minutes to get there, and thats when you are using the ATV quad bikes that have been bought especially for the ranch. i hope that they get more of those, since we always seem to be running out of them. I also hope that we can get some more horses to be used as transport, going from custom sheds Tamworth way too small to house the great mind and body of our leader, Rick. I know it’s not normal to call the leader by his first name, but we all like to keep things calm and friendly. we all call each other by our first names. It’s nice, it breeds familiarity.

the horses need to be trained first, which is why we are getting in some great horse trainers, including myself. She, being Linda, also came up with that idea. I’m so happy she recommended me to the position of horse trainer on the ranch. I hope Rick is pleased as well. he encourages us to do what we like, and follow our passions. He also encourages the friendship level that Linda and I share. We even went down to the commercial sheds Tamworth, all on our own, on the one bike! I was so excited.

I have been dog swindled

I have been taken for a fool and I don’t know if I’ll be able to recover in time for the big partnership ball that will be on this evening. I am being named partner and it’s in my honour. Normally they do this thing with a few other new partners, but this year I’m the only one to have been chosen, so I guess it’s just me, carrying the torch for all the new partners, and new would be partners. I give it a few years before most of my work friends are partners as well. We’ll see though. The point is, it’s a big night, and I might not be ready for it. i just found out that I’ve been giving money to someone who I thought was a professional dog walking service Melbourne staff member, a walker as they call it on the Walking Dead, but it turns out that I was giving a homeless woman money every week. Well I learnt my lesson the hard way, and suffice to say, I will be vetting my dog walkers more closely now. The new one that I’ve hired, on an emergency basis for today (since I have the partner thing) is called Samantha. She’s definitely from the program, and has a great resume. I can’t wait to meet her, and for her to meet rufus. Rufus has been in a grump all month, and I’m not too sure why. Hopefully Sam can turn him around.

Turns out that sam is an angel. she’s really the best dog walker Melbourne has to offer, and I’m super lucky to have her on my payroll I can’t wait until tomorrow, when Rufus can go and see her again. He came back from that walk with the biggest grin on his face. The dog walkers Melbourne service will get a great online review tonight.

The decking and carport award goes to

The 12th annual decking and carports Melbourne awards are finally here. We are going to give you the live coverage of this 6 hour broadcast, on this night of nights. Stay tuned folks because we have a huge night in store for you. Along with a great number of new faces, we have two of the biggest stars of this year; Samuel Moser, from VDC, and Robert Graves from GI. These two will be going head to head in an epic showdown, to see who will get the coveted prize. Think you know who’ll win? Join our online debate at our website, seen below. Tell us who you think will win, and you could win a trip for two to Mars. That’s right, the red planet is only a trip away for our lucky prize winners. In the meantime listen to some elevator music.

The pergolas Melbourne prize, going to Johnny Nesbitt, of Melbourne, was a big surprise. He was an underdog, and the bookies only had him at 500 to 1 for a win. This really is a cinderella story here. Stay tuned for the biggest event, and prize. The carports and timber decking Melbourne prize. The inner receives international recognition and a private jet to use whenever they want! Who wouldn’t want that? They are announcing the winner. The winner of the 12th Annual Carports and Decking Melbourne prize goes to…

A Tie! Oh the Gods must be cruel these days to allow such bitter rivals to not get the best of the other. It must be a twist of cruel unjust, totally bogus fate, to set these two men as enemies, and to end them as equals. Maybe this is how the decks and the carports should be. Maybe they should be equals in the eyes of each other. Only when you know your true self can you know you full extent.

Clearing and Bond Cleaning my Mother’s House

After my father died, my mother was the sole tenant of the house they had rented for twenty five years. She died only one year later, and the landlord was very eager to have her stuff cleared out so that the property could be rented to someone new.

The fact that my brothers and I were still grieving seemed to be outside of the landlord’s notice. He simply told us that we had forty five days to clear the house of my mother’s stuff. We set to work, despite the difficulty of sorting through my mum’s stuff with such strong emotions. Nevertheless, within the forty five days, we planned a funeral, sorted through my mother’s will and had the entire house cleared of twenty five years worth of stuff.

We arranged for bond cleaning Melbourne to come clean the house on the forty third day, disappointed that we would never the inside of my parents’ old house again. The move out cleaning Melbourne company had been very understanding of our situation, and was the first company we worked with throughout the ordeal that had any sympathy for our losses.

However, at day forty three, the landlord was becoming frustrated with the time it had taken us to have our mother’s house ready for him and was constantly calling us to see what progress was being made. We had told him the date vacate cleaning Melbourne would be coming through weeks ahead of time, and so, when he continued to complain, I very nearly called the cleaning company to arrange a later date with the sole intention of getting under the landlord’s nerves. However, I was convinced that this would only end in further hostility and decided to instead turn my phone off and not answer his calls.

the prettiest of the party with new makeup

I am going to be the prettiest girl at the party. Even though I was not invited to the party I am still going to be there, nobody leave baby in the corner. Those mean girls are always out having their own fun and not inviting me along for the ride. Well this time I will show them, I’m going to get all glammed up by beauty salon Perth. They are going to make me beautiful and pretty and I am going to knock their socks off. They will turn their heads and stare as I walk into the party, all eyes on me. My facials Perth team would have done a good job at making me even more beautiful than I normally am. Every boy will want to be with me but I will turn them all away. I’m not interested in fake people. I’m going to show up and make everyone stare in shock and then leave without a word. I won’t even have a drink or eat any of the food. My legs will be smooth as butter milk because waxing Perth are the best at what they do. They will have me looking like the princess I know I am.

I might even get a bunch of people to gatecrash the party. I will invite the entire school so everyone will see me. This is going to be the best church party I’ve ever been to. They will think twice about not inviting me to their church events from now on. I only fell asleep that one time anyway, well it was more than that but whatever. It’s not my fault the church is so boring. At least I will look beautiful, with perfect nails and a lovely face.  They better watch their step, I’m going to burn this place down with my good looks.

I need that bond back or I’m out on the street

The parties we have at this house are epic. They are always epic and somebody always ends up having to call an ambulance. We rock this place hardcore and we always have. We play metal music and have mosh pit fights. The blood sometimes falls on the carpet but we do not care because we have epic parties. Everyone knows us from our awesome parties and we have a reputation to uphold. We are the party crew and we are in big trouble because the lease is ending this month and the place has never been cleaned, like ever.  I’m not the cleaning type, never have been, never will be. My flatmates have never held a broom or a sponge. I am just going to get bond cleaning Gold Coast to deal with this chaos. I don’t care how much it costs, they are going to have to sort it all out, I sure as heck can not. The end of lease cleaning Gold Coast are my saviours in this time of need. They will help heal this destroyed carpet and cleanse the bathroom of all grime and grease. You can’t go wrong with cleaners Gold Coast, they really are the best in cleaning messy apartments. They are going to have their work cut out for them but if anyone can get this place looking liveable again it will be them.

The other guys are going to have to pitch on for the cost of cleaning. I don’t even know if the other guys living here have a job, one of them I don’t even know his real name, he goes by ‘the toad’.  It will be nice to move to a quiet little town and then rip the roof off with one of our epic parties to celebrate the arrival of the coolest and sickest dudes this side of the streets. If we get evicted again we will be homeless, maybe we might tone it down for a few weeks just in case.

big signs are a big deal

The bigger the sign the better. That’s what I’ve always said, and when it comes to big signs, I have the biggest in all of the land.  I made certain that signage Perth made the sign for my pub the biggest on record. People come from all of this great country to come and see my sign. They gather in crowds and take photos next to it, we get tourists from different countries come just to have their picture taken in from of my sign, the biggest in the land. It really is my pride and joy. When I started this pub business I wanted to do something to make it stand out. I thought to myself, what could I do to make people come to my pub and have a drink? I had my pub sitting there for a year and very few people would to drink there. I was starting to get worried that it might close down. I had spent my entire life savings on that pub and now the threat of a closure meant I needed to take drastic action. I then realised that the idea was staring me in the face, giant sign.  People know of the big bannana, and the big pineapple, why not be known for the largest sign in the land. That is when I called signwriters Perth and set them the challenge. They were very helpful and enthusiastic, they wanted to help me in any way they could. The signwriting Perth group really outdid themselves, the sign is magnificent, the pub is doing a booming business, even though most of the sales are souvenirs. I had keychains and faceplates made of miniatures of my famous sign for people to take home to their relatives. We sell more keychains than anything else, I would like to sell more beer, after all, it is a pub. I can’t really be too upset because the business is booming. It is all thanks to my wonderful sign.

We can now safeguard against pests

The pest control Melbourne team were really good at getting rid of the birds, those mysterious little pests that had invaded the Argo more than three days ago. We didn’t see those birds until they had set up their nests during the night. The rest happened so quickly, that I could hardly keep up. They multiplied like crazy, and I found myself with more than three dozen eggs and birds in the cargo bay of the largest Exporter roaming the galaxy (I presume. I like to think that we are the only ones still rocking out the E-Class. It’s only working because of the mods Jess and I have made to her. She’s a real beauty now, I must say).

We called up the same people who took care of the termites Melbourne that we had a few weeks ago. It wasn’t long before the birds actually, so we ran into a string of bad luck for a time being. That being said, we are all something of a collection of lost toys, each with their own sad story. We’ve all had bad luck. I guess it’s just pooling here in the Argo.

We can now safeguard against future pests, or so I hope. We have put up a large series of nets and security features, that Jess, Victor, Marcus and I have installed. We got tips from the science guy Jonathan; I think he likes being the smartest guy in the room sometimes. All the time actually. The pest inspections Melbourne people were more than helpful in that regard as well. They gave us useful advice about the origin of some kinds of pests, and therefore how to combat them, and even more importantly, how to prevent them. We need to be proactive in our security and pest management, I’ve found. That way any problems can be dealt with quickly and easily, if they do arise.