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The tree is going down tomorrow

I never really liked trees and this is just the last straw between us and them. I shouldn’t really say us, because that implies that I have some sort of backing or following behind me, when I don’t. It is just me, against the wild of the trees that are out there, waiting for me to let my guard down so that they can pounce. It won’t be easy, always being protected like this, but I have a way of making it a little easier. I will be calling the tree lopping Brisbane crew on the morrow, so that they can come to the property and chop down every single tree that dwells on my property. I don’t mean to be cruel or anything; it’s simply a preventative measure. If the trees had the sense that they should have, they never would have gotten themselves planted there in the first place, when everyone in town knows how little I love trees. The answer is actually none at all, because I loathe trees. I don’t really want to go into why right now, but suffice to say that they will all have it coming one day. I don’t want to get rid of all of them, but the stump removal Brisbane crew will definitely have their work cut out for them over the next stretch of time that I can see before us all. I will clean up this town and I will start by cleaning up this yard of mine and getting rid of any trace of a tree. All of the leaves will be gone and all of the stumps will also be gone. It will be like there was never anything living in there except for me, all of these 3 long years. I will call up the firewood Brisbane crew to see if we can’t do anything with what will be left of the trees once they are all done with them.

Animals excited about great new barn

The day had finally arrived. Debbie the duck, Cam the cow, Greg the goat and I had all been sleeping out in the cold for far too long. The weather was continuing to get worse, with strong winds and cold rain being a common occurrence. The shade of the trees did not keep us dry and the cold wet ground made for a very uncomfortable sleep. Our food was constantly wet and we were all starting to get the sniffles. Thank goodness the barn was being finished today. We had all been moved from the old barn out into the open paddocks so the men from Horse Barns Tamworth were able to build us a new one. It was not the greatest deal, but we couldn’t sleep inside with the farmer and his wife, there’s no way she would have allowed it.

We had watched the Livestock Barns Tamworth team build the barn from the beginning. At the start it was just a few men out in the paddock, measuring things and writing things down on papers. Now it is a large team of men, hammering and making lots of noise.

Watching the men from Carports Tamworth pack up their equipment and leave the property was the most exciting part of the day. Anticipation was growing inside all of us as we walked towards our new home. What would the inside look like? Was it going to be the same setup as the previous one? Was it going to be warm? Really it didn’t matter about any of that, as long as it had a closed in roof, we were all going to be happy.

The farmer came out and let us into our new barn and stocked up the hay. He stood for a moment and admired his new barn. He looked happy with it. He left the barn and we were all very happy to be warm and dry with food that wasn’t soaking.

Painters bring back sanity

Our TV has been away getting fixed for the past three days. I did not realise how much I relied on the television for entertainment! I have been bored out of my brain for the past three days and could think of nothing to do. I was staring at the wall when my partner walked in. Luckily for him, he was employed, so he had the luxury of escaping the house of boredom and going to work. I was in a trace when he walked in and only noticed he’d come inside when he was standing in front of me trying to work out what I was staring at. He started picking away the paint on the wall. I snapped back to reality and jumped up to give him a hug. I was glad to have some company, someone to entertain me. I asked him what he was doing to the wall and he told me he was picking off the paint. I looked back at the wall and realised the paint was chipping. I didn’t notice it before, or that it was happening on the ceiling, and all the other walls.

Our house was old and we’d never had it painted. It was only a matter of time before it started peeling. I was glad this happened, now I’d have something to do – arrange getting the house repainted. I called Painters Melbourne to have a chat with them about pricing and availability. I wanted to have it done as soon as possible. I was losing my mind without the television, this would help keep me sane. The man from House Painters Melbourne booked me in for his next appointment and wished me a good day. I sat staring at the clock. It was still a few days away before Exterior Painters Melbourne arrived, but I had nothing else to look forward to.

Pubs shut, only solution – build a man shed

About a month ago the local pub closed down due to bankruptcy. It was devastating for the community, or more so for my mates and I. We tried our best to keep the pub open, pouring our every paycheck into their tills in exchange for a cold beer or two but sadly, to no avail. I have been going insane over the past few weeks. All I want to do is get home and have a beer, without the wife in my ear nagging me about things that I didn’t care about. I just needed somewhere to wind down, with no one hassling me.

The next day at work I came up with a brilliant idea. I spoke to the boys and they all agreed the idea was a winner. I phoned Commercial Sheds Tamworth at lunch time and spoke to them about the prices of their sheds. I found out a lot of useful information about sizes, prices and shapes. I wrote all the information down and spent the rest of the day thinking about my new ‘man-shed’ that will be built in the next two weeks. That evening I spoke to my wife about the plan to have a shed built. She didn’t mind, as long as the shed didn’t crush her garden, she didn’t care.

The next day I phoned Carports Tamworth back and placed the order for my new shed. It was going to be great. Once Stable Builders Tamworth had finished I was going to deck the shed out with a bar, pool table, dart board and maybe even an air hockey table. Who needed a pub, it would work out a lot cheaper to drink in my new man-shed, and all the boys from work were keen.

Pet rabbit results in kitchen renovations

We got a pet rabbit about four months ago. I don’t have a cage for it but it started off ok. I’ve toilet trained it so there are no nasty surprises left around the house. Unfortunately my rabbit has discovered what it’s teeth are used for and has literally started chewing the house down. Every room has teeth marks in it somewhere, and the kitchen cupboards have actually started to fall to bits because of the rabbit. I decided to get the rabbit a cage. It’s just not worth having the place destroyed. I’ll let the rabbit out to play, I’ll just have to keep an eye on her.

I decided after seeing the extent of the rabbits damage to the kitchen, that I would spend a bit of money getting my kitchen renovated. I always dreamed of having a nice big kitchen with all the modern tricks and trinkets. Now, maybe I finally could. I walked into Kitchen Renovations Sydney and told the woman about the plans I had for my kitchen. The lady walked me through some of the kitchen displays they had at Kitchen Design Sydney, asking me questions about benches and cupboards.

The woman left me alone to have a look around Kitchen Cabinets Sydney. While walking around the store I thought to myself what would happen if I spend all this money on a new kitchen and the rabbit does the same thing to the new kitchen. I told myself not to be silly, that I was the boss of that rabbit, and to continue shopping.

Everything in the store was gorgeous. I had come in to find out some information, which I had done and now I had to go home and really think about my decisions.

I will make sure that the car gets charged

I have resigned myself to a life of wandering but it will not be an aimless wander. I will not be lost when I take the path not taken, I am simply an explorer, a pioneer and someone who thinks that maybe if he tried hard enough, he can make a difference in the world. I am not the saint that some people think of me as, but I am also not the devil as some people as labelled me. I’m not either of those things, and I’m pretty sure that those kinds of labels are bad for people to live with. I am simply a man, an aimless seeming man, but one with purpose. My purpose is to undo all of the draining of batteries that I have done throughout my life, and to make amends by using the portable car battery to get them charged again. It will not be the most glamorous of lives, but it is one that I am willing to have because it will mean that I can get by and my conscience will be clear and free, and the portable jump starter that I have with me is my passport into a better life and a life that I can be proud of. I won’t have to worry about the things that I am doing to people, or to their cars as well. I will have to worry about what kind of example that I’m setting to the world, but I hope that it is a good one, one of hope and redemption. That is what I care about more than almost anything; being able to redeem myself through a life of sacrifice and of good intentions. The jump starter pack will be able to help me get through into the life-next, and I will help it to charge up all of the cars that we find in our lives.

I need some more security in this prison

We always need to be vigilant of what this world is now, and how secure we can really be. I don’t think that we can ever be truly safe, but I do know that I will do whatever it takes to make my people and my son, the safest that they can be, however long that takes, and however much that costs me. I will sacrifice everything that I hold dear to make that happen. I don’t think that I can do it without the help of a few good friends and without the help of the security company Perth crew. I want to tell them that they have my support. I want to tell my group that we should give the security guards Perth crew their full support because only when we are in this as one and for all, then we will be able to get through this and get to the other side. I hope that I can tell my group that, but I don’t know how well it will come out of my mouth. I find it hard to lie, and that is what I would be doing if I told them that. I don’t know if we will make it, because even if we do band together, we might all pass into the life that is next, and no one else on this earth would ever know what we went through, or know who we are. The event security Perth people will be able to make us a little bit safer, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be totally safe. In fact I almost guarantee that we can’t get rid of all of the risk in our lives, especially now, since the world turned against us all. I can only think back on the old world with fondness, because they will be the only good times that I have.

Regular services, a sure winner for the air conditioner

I’ve always been obsessed with getting things serviced. When I was younger my father always told me of the importance of keeping things maintained. He explained to me on many occasions that to get the most out of anything you buy, you had to get regular services. That has stuck with me through my teenage years and into my adulthood. I have spent a lot of my money over the years getting things serviced. My friends always give me grief about it, tell me I waste my money, but I don’t care. I’ll be the one laughing in the end when my things well outlive theirs.

It had been six months since I last had my air conditioning serviced so I was about due for another. I had just got my car back from the mechanic last week, who had done a service for me and I will be picking up my sewing machine this afternoon as the woman has finished giving it a service. I phoned Air Conditioning Melbourne to see when their next available appointment was. The woman from Air Conditioning Service Melbourne told me that the next available time would be tomorrow afternoon. I was happy with that, last time I phoned up it was during their busy season and couldn’t get someone to come around for a week. I scheduled in to have the Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne team come by tomorrow afternoon.

I was feeling good, most things had just had their regular service and everything seemed to be running smoothly. It was a good feeling, having everything in working order. Hopefully the air conditioner repair men don’t find any problems tomorrow, when they come to service the air conditioner.

I will be getting these windows into the new house

We have almost finished up on this house. I miss my wife more than I can bear, but I am going to have to bear it. I am going to have to do the impossible and I’m going to have to keep on living. I’m sorry darling, I wish that I could be there with you and that you could be here with me and the kids, but that’s going to be the case. The house is coming along really nicely. We have the roof all done. I’m going to call up the timber windows Melbourne company so that they can come and do up the windows on the house and get them all sorted. I know that you would love what it turned out like. The fireplace is perfect as well, and I took your advice on the colour of the walls. I’m sure that you would have just cried knowing what it looks like. I’ve even marked up the kids’ heights on the wall by the kitchen. Every year, this time each year, we’ll measure them again. I hope that the perfect part of this will be added at the end, when the aluminium windows Melbourne crew and company come to put in these great windows. I’ve seen the work that they did on Jon’s farm over the road, and it looks perfect. I know that you’d be so proud of Lucy, she was the one who made the call. She’s so smart darling, you’d be amazed. Gemma and Tom are missing you as well, we all are. I keep on telling Tom that we’ll see you again, eventually. I would tell Lucy, but she knows what happened more than Tom. She really is smart, even though she’s the youngest. I should go though darling, the sash windows Melbourne people are about to arrive and do some work. I love you more than my life.

The house will be renovated as soon as we are ready

I want to get started on this sort of thing right away, but I’m pretty sure that we have to wait until the whole house is here before we can do that sort of thing. I want to get the house renovated by the renovations Sydney team, but since this is a democratic household and since we each have an equal say in the running of the house, I have to wait until Pype is back from the trip that he was on, and gets here, to the house. He and Gemma went a bit of a romantic getaway, which is nice for them, but not so nice for me, who has to think about Pype and Gemma on a romantic getaway all weekend and the fact that I have no one and I’m all alone. I wish I had a girl to call my own, just like Pype does. He and Gemma have been going out for two years and they are still acting like love struck teenagers, and I think that it’s really sweet, and really cute. I would never actually admit that though; I would always just keep that to myself. I will get back to what I’m meant to be talking about; the people and the crew of the home renovations Sydney company. I have been told, by Pype himself that they are the best renovators in the whole state, and possibly the country and so it makes sense to leave it to the experts, the best experts in this case, to do something that I myself would not want to try and tackle. I don’t want to do it until Pype gets back and he can cast his vote alongside myself and Jon. It will be Gemma that really decides what Pype’s vote is, and I have no doubt what she will choose. She loves this house, and wants the luxury furniture Sydney crew to do a good job of fixing it up even further.