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Air Conditioning Repairs

Excitement grows as air conditioner technicians arrive

I’d been walking from one end of my house to the other. I was trying to pass time and had already done absolutely everything I could think of doing. The men from Air Conditioning Service Adelaide were due to arrive this morning and have a look at my air conditioning system. I didn’t know what had gone wrong, but when I woke up the other day, the air conditioner wasn’t working. I had done everything I’d needed to do, had a look at it myself, gave it a bit of a bang and a tap. It was all to no avail, so I decided the safest, and probably the best, idea would be to call in the professionals. The last time I’d needed to have something done to my air conditioner, I’d stuck the company’s sticker on the side of the air conditioner. That was so I didn’t forget their name because I was so pleased with their service.

The technicians from Air Conditioning Repairs Adelaide must have just arrived, because I heard a van pull into my driveway. I ran out into the lounge room and jumped on the couch. I quickly switched on the television, to make it appear that I was sitting on the couch all morning. I wanted them to think I’d been completely immersed in the early morning television shows that I hadn’t even thought about the heat. I didn’t want the men from Air Conditioning Adelaide knowing that I was pacing around the house, counting down the seconds until they arrived. I was really struggling with the weather and I couldn’t wait for them to get in here and get fixing. I waited patiently on the couch for the men to get their tools out of their van, get themselves ready and knock on the door.

Ridiculous heat calls for air conditioning repair

My apartment was sweating. i was sweating. Everything in my apartment was also sweating. I had every window jammed open as far as it could go, along with both doors but it wasn’t making a difference. The heat in the place was deadly, I couldn’t take it any longer. My air conditioning had been broken for the past two years, but this summer was set to be the hottest in over ten years. It hadn’t even gotten to the heart of summer yet. If I wanted to live to see the new year, I’d have to get someone from Air Conditioning Melbourne to fix my system. I only knew the name of the air conditioning repair company because one of the guys at work always tells me to call them whenever I whinge about the heat. I’d just never wanted to spend the money. Now, it was a whole other story.

The man from Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne couldn’t have arrived sooner. I ran to the door to let him in and prayed that there would only be a minor repair needed and the air conditioning would be up and running in no time. I showed the man through to the lounge room, where the air conditioner was. He got right to work, fiddling around inside the unit. I sat on the couch, pretending to watch TV but mostly watching the man from Air Conditioning Service Melbourne try to solve the problem. I could see the concentration and thought on his face. It was great to watch, better than any rubbish that was on TV at this time of day anyway.

The man stood up, pushed the power button and like magic, the air conditioner turned on. I jumped for joy as I paid the man and wished him a good day. Now it was time to sit and cool down.

Air conditioning technicians arrival means break time for me

It had been two hours since I arrived at work to find the air conditioning to my building was broken. It had happened overnight, after a huge heat wave came through over the weekend. The receptionist at the front desk told me that the men from Air Conditioning Melbourne were due to arrive in a few hours and should be able to get the air conditioning back on. I went up to the staff room and made myself a bowl of cereal, before returning to my stagnant office. It felt like you could cut the air in the room with a knife, thats how thick it was. I couldn’t stand being in a room with no air flow, let alone an office with no openable windows.

I was sitting in my office, with my head resting on the palms of my hands. There was no way I could concentrate on my work while my brain was melting inside my head. I looked at the clock again. Two hours and five minutes had now passed and there was still no sign of Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne. I knew the receptionist told me they would arrive in a few hours, but I just wanted them to hurry up and fix the air conditioning.

When my manager burst through my door unexpectedly, he hit me in the back with the door. I was lying on the floor, trying to cool off. My manager apologised for bruising my back and stated that the Air Conditioning Service Melbourne technicians were here and that they would need to go into my office for a few minutes, which meant break time for me. I definitely was not complaining.

Gym? More like hell when the air conditioner breaks down!

I work as a receptionist at the local gym. We are one of the most advanced gyms in the area, complete with the latest technology equipment, a lap pool, leisure pool, sauna and spa. We hold regular classes, have numerous personal trainers and have a massive client base. There never seems to be a moment where there is nothing to do and the boss is always running around making sure everything’s going smoothly. I really enjoy my job. Everyone that comes in is looking to better themselves and it’s great to see people exceed their own expectations and set higher goals.

Yesterday our air conditioning service shutdown. No one knew what had happened but for some reason the system just wouldn’t turn on in the morning. It was as though there was no power going to it, so my boss asked me to arrange an Air Conditioning Service Melbourne. The repairmen were not available until this afternoon, so for the past day and a half it has been chaos. People have been over-exerting themselves, being used to the cooler climate inside. We had two people pass out from dehydration this morning and the pools have been packed. All the staff are completely stressed out and exhausted. When the men from Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne arrived it was a sure relief. I took them out the back to where the system controls were and left them to their work.

About an hour and a half later the Air Conditioning Melbourne guys approached me and told me they’d fixed the problem and it just needed half an hour to reset. My eyes lit up and I wanted to jump across the desk and hug them! I organised payment and rushed out the back to tell my boss the wonderful news. He was happier than I was and thanked me for sorting it out. Just another day at the office!