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Window replacement prompts family barbecue

It had been a long time since my family had all been together at the same time. It was difficult, everyone had jobs, kids and commitments. We had just had a new window put into our lounge room, which completely transformed the look of the house. Somehow that one window freshed up the place enough for Mum to want to put on a family barbecue. She only ever does things like that when she wants to show something off. The last time she held a family barbecue, she had just recovered from her breast implant surgery. Mum even invited weird uncle Pete to that one. She was clearly impressed with the work that the man from Aluminium windows Melbourne did and wanted the family to know it. Mum burst into my room and announced the date of the family barbecue, ordering me to get ready for it. Mum was in her competitive mode, which could only mean one thing. Someone else in the family had recently announced big news. I had to find out what it was before the day of the barbecue if anyone wanted to walk out of here alive. Things got messy when Mum got competitive.

Finding out the big news wasn’t as hard as I thought. Aunt Carol had just had her driveway repaved. While most of us may not consider this big news, my mother obviously did. I giggled, at least our new window from Timber window replacement Melbourne would get everyone talking. I think it would have transformed our house more than a different coloured driveway. I stopped and realised I was letting the competition take hold of me. I shook it off and walked over to the window that the man from Replacement windows Melbourne had recently installed. It was a beautiful window, but we shouldn’t be competing amongst family.

I will be getting these windows into the new house

We have almost finished up on this house. I miss my wife more than I can bear, but I am going to have to bear it. I am going to have to do the impossible and I’m going to have to keep on living. I’m sorry darling, I wish that I could be there with you and that you could be here with me and the kids, but that’s going to be the case. The house is coming along really nicely. We have the roof all done. I’m going to call up the timber windows Melbourne company so that they can come and do up the windows on the house and get them all sorted. I know that you would love what it turned out like. The fireplace is perfect as well, and I took your advice on the colour of the walls. I’m sure that you would have just cried knowing what it looks like. I’ve even marked up the kids’ heights on the wall by the kitchen. Every year, this time each year, we’ll measure them again. I hope that the perfect part of this will be added at the end, when the aluminium windows Melbourne crew and company come to put in these great windows. I’ve seen the work that they did on Jon’s farm over the road, and it looks perfect. I know that you’d be so proud of Lucy, she was the one who made the call. She’s so smart darling, you’d be amazed. Gemma and Tom are missing you as well, we all are. I keep on telling Tom that we’ll see you again, eventually. I would tell Lucy, but she knows what happened more than Tom. She really is smart, even though she’s the youngest. I should go though darling, the sash windows Melbourne people are about to arrive and do some work. I love you more than my life.