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It will be the best life that the boxes can get me

I want to get a better life than the one that I was born in. I think that I know how I will do that and the one way that I will do that will be through the boxes that I will be buying. I think that once I get a good collection of the great aluminium toolboxes Melbourne has to offer, and then I will be able to get a good reputation as being a man of prestige. I don’t actually have to be prestigious, since it is all an illusion. I will use that prestige, that people think that I have, and I will then try to get people to lend me money to start up my business. It is a good business and I think that I can make it. I will bring potential investors to the house to see the large collection of aluminium draw systems that I collect, and they will say that I truly mean business. Anyone who likes that sort of thing only means business. They are tough, just like the boxes, and they are good and holding onto what they most cherish, just like me. I mean business and I’m made of a metal alloy. I’m joking about that last part of course but only by a little bit. I am not made of alloy, I am in fact made of the sort of things that you would normally expect people to be made of, which is really like water and things of that nature. We are made up of carbon and all sorts of carbon based molecules. I love chemistry, but I really love, more than chemistry, to go to the store at the end of the street and I will try to buy the gas bottle holders that will be able to hold things that I need to hold.

What a way to go

I’d never before heard my brothers ute canopies talk, but once he did. it was a sound worthy of angels. he had the greatest voice I’d ever heard. Seriously, he could have been one of those aluminium tool boxes singer like on the TV.

We were at the middle of the second ark’s reactor, and trying to figure out how it wasn’t working, and how to fix it. I had hoped that we could go down there and manually inspect it, and work it out. My hopes were dashed though when we finally reached where we were supposed to go and a gate was blocking our path. Our clearance levels were not high enough to enter. He said something that I’ll never forget. He said, darn it. That was all he said, and that is all I’ve ever heard him say for the whole three months that i’ve known him. He was my brother’s ward for more than 30 years, and now he is accompanying me to the edge of the world where we can get to a safe location for the Transition. It will be a big day, and we only have 4 more months to get there. On our way there, we have gone aboard an ark for the humans, and disguised ourselves as shipping engineers, of the lowest level Many aluminium tool boxes, besides carrying engineering and construction tools, know a lot about engineering practices and techniques and theory.

My brother himself was an engineer, along with a few other aluminium ute tool boxes he was friends with. they got stationed out in the middle of outback Australia at the start of the year, ending 4 years ago. It was tough being that far away from him, and I missed him a lot, but we all have our duties to perform. I was to look after mother while she was sick. If you don’t mind, let’s move on from that subject. I’ll let you know that rest later.