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Aluminium Toolboxes

There are no more aluminium toolboxes

We have come to a time in our civilisation where we have run out of a certain finite material. We have been through this before; we ran out of coal and fossil fuels back on Earth, and now we are running out of aluminium. I don’t know what to tell you, apart from the fact that we all knew this was coming. It will happen to all of the items that we can not renew. It will happen to all of our metals, and soon everything we mine will be in use. We have implemented the best recycling programs in the known universe, yet we still can’t compete with it being used at this rate. All of the aluminium accessories that I see today; it’s incredible. I mean, have you guys seen these things? They are the most well made things you could ever hope to see. I love them, and I love everything ever made with aluminium. I used to be an aluminium belter (asteroid belt miner) a few years ago before prospects ran dry. I never thought that they would run dry in my lifetime, but I guess I didn’t think that these aluminium toolboxes would be so popular. They have taken off like crazy, and every person and their dog has one.

I love having my very own toolbox, that I can hold all of my tools in. I love the sturdiness, and the stability of the aluminium. I also love that fact that I can bask it a little bit and it won’t break .It’s great for taking my anger out. I get angry sometimes, especially when I make a mistake. This way, I don’t have to punch walls anymore. I even had some custom truck lighting installed on the vehicle. It looks like something Elvis would mine in.

I want to get the toolboxes ready

I want to be able to get the toolboxes ready for a big day out tomorrow. I will be taking them to the local zoo so that they can lap up the life of luxury, and see what life is like for the captive animals that people start at all day. I wonder how good it is for their health. One of the aluminium toolboxes, Greg, said that he likes what he does, holding the tools in my ute, but that he wants to lead his own life too. He said that once he was old enough, he’ll move to the big city, and see about living a big fancy life there. I don’t know how well he’ll do, but I want to wish him the very best of luck. In a few years, he won’t be holding someone’s tools anymore. He’ll have lots of people under him to do that for him, while he goes to fancy parties, and hobnobs with the pig wigs. I hope that that made sense to the lesser class, as they might not exactly “get” my sense of humour. It’s very dry, like a lamb’s bone, but course, like a lambs teeth. The ute toolboxes Melbourne laugh at most of my jokes, but then again, I never tell jokes. The one time did, they sort of laughed, so that’s what I go with every time.

The very best thing that I can do, at this point in my life, is to let the aluminium toolboxes Melbourne do what they want. They all want different things, so I want them to be happy doing those different things. One of them wants to start a band, with all the tools in his box. I said that he might run into a few problems, in regards to opposable thumbs, and mouths, but they were so determined to go through with it. Their first album, Tools and The Box, is available at all good music retailers, and most of the bad ones.

Ute toolboxes are a great place to hide

When I was about ten years old, I decided that I did not want to go to school, so when I was pushed out of the door in the morning, instead of walking down the street, I headed for the garage where my dad’s ute was waiting for him. I climbed into one of his ute toolboxes Melbourne and waited for him to start the engine and head off to work. I must have fallen asleep when I was in there because I had no recollection of the truck driving away before the toolbox was opened at dad’s work site. I remember firstly being stunned and blinded by the sudden light exposure. When I my eyes adjusted to the sunlight, I was shocked to see an unfamiliar man looking back at me, and he seemed just as surprised to see me as I was to see him.

I heard him call my dad’s name, and waited in contempt of the scolding I expected. I had managed to stay undetected in the aluminium toolboxes Melbourne for some time, and in itself, that was an accomplishment. When my dad saw me, however, he began to laugh. Both the strange man and I were confused by this reaction, but my dad explained that he had once hidden in the boot of his old man’s car to avoid school as well, and had been disappointed when his dad marched him back to the school gate. My dad decided that as long as I kept out of trouble and didn’t call mum that I would be allowed the rest of the day off.

I solemnly swore that I would adhere to my dad’s conditions and climbed onto the roof racks and bars to watch my dad work.