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You will not leave me for the asphalt people

I do not know what I will do without you, but the good thing is that you’re in the same boat. You will not be able to survive without me. That is why you’ll never leave me, even though some days you wish that you could. I’m not really sure how you will be able to even get out of the door without me drawing you a map. I’m so surprised that you are able to find your way back to us when you finish your day’s “work”. I don’t know what it is that you do all day Richard, but I don’t think that it is work. I feel like it is just you going to the park, or following around the asphalt driveways Brisbane crew all day and just writing down what they do, for some sort of sick notion that you might be able to join them one day. They are the leading asphalt repairs Brisbane company and you are just some guy who watches them from your car. I think it might even be illegal. If they catch you then you will not be able to do that anymore. I don’t know if I will be there to help you then, Richard. Listen, I like the pot hole repairs Brisbane crew and office as much as the next nagging spouse, but I think that it might be time for you to give up on your dream of ever joining them. They don’t even know who you are for the Gods’ sakes! I don’t know how much clearer the universe can be with you; you don’t know what you are doing. You have a brother that we both care about. I want you to put our efforts into Jon, and I want you to try and look after him, like he would if you were in this position. He didn’t ask for this and you are family. You need to help him and I will to. The kids love Jon and he loves the kids, so he should just move in here. You two could even talk about the asphalt company and try to pick out their handy work.