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Fathers finance broker suggestion works out

I’d been talking with my father about the option of getting a new car on finance. I hadn’t wanted anything this bad in a long time, but I decided to talk to Dad, just to make sure I knew what to expect. My father went over some things with me and then gave me a Mortgage Broker Sunshine Coast business card. He told me that they were the company he spoke to any time he wanted to borrow money. I took the card, put it in my purse and headed home.

It would have had to be the most exciting day of my life. I had just got out of work and found a voicemail on my message bank. The message was from the finance company was requesting my attendance at a meeting they had scheduled for later in the week. I couldn’t believe it, I hadn’t expected to hear back from them this soon, but I was sure glad I had.

The following day I phoned Finance Brokers Sunshine Coast to let them know I would be attending the meeting they had set up for later in the week. The woman on the phone penciled me in and I asked her what I was required to bring. I wrote down a few documents that I may need in the meeting. Other than that, the woman told me that everything else would be there ready and waiting. I called my father to let him know about the meeting and he wished me all the best. Was this going to be one of the last times I’d be catching the train somewhere? I considered the possibility and the convenience of having a new car which only excited me more. This meeting with Bad Credit Car Loans Sunshine Coast could be the start of my new independent life, free from public transport.