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Battery Jump Starter

I will make sure that the car gets charged

I have resigned myself to a life of wandering but it will not be an aimless wander. I will not be lost when I take the path not taken, I am simply an explorer, a pioneer and someone who thinks that maybe if he tried hard enough, he can make a difference in the world. I am not the saint that some people think of me as, but I am also not the devil as some people as labelled me. I’m not either of those things, and I’m pretty sure that those kinds of labels are bad for people to live with. I am simply a man, an aimless seeming man, but one with purpose. My purpose is to undo all of the draining of batteries that I have done throughout my life, and to make amends by using the portable car battery to get them charged again. It will not be the most glamorous of lives, but it is one that I am willing to have because it will mean that I can get by and my conscience will be clear and free, and the portable jump starter that I have with me is my passport into a better life and a life that I can be proud of. I won’t have to worry about the things that I am doing to people, or to their cars as well. I will have to worry about what kind of example that I’m setting to the world, but I hope that it is a good one, one of hope and redemption. That is what I care about more than almost anything; being able to redeem myself through a life of sacrifice and of good intentions. The jump starter pack will be able to help me get through into the life-next, and I will help it to charge up all of the cars that we find in our lives.