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Best friend tells all after looking at wedding invitations

Arriving at Lisa’s house was a little bit nerve racking, but I’d known her a long time. I guess it was just because I was trying to tell her something without overstepping my boundaries. My best friend Lisa had recently decided to start planning her wedding. She’d been engaged for about two years now and it was starting to get to her. I could tell she was thinking about leaving her partner, and this was her way of deciding. Well, that’s what I’d gathered from the whole situation anyway. I had been given the task of looking through millions of invitations online. Lisa had originally told me that she wanted black invitations, which was a complete shock. I’d searched for her dark invitations as she’d asked, but also countered them with an abundance of Unique Wedding Invitations. There were things that she needed to see because I knew she would love them. Her partner was a very dark person, interested in skulls and tattoos and a lot of black. Lisa was the complete opposite. I knew she was trying to plan the wedding in a way that her partner would like, but I knew he wouldn’t care. He didn’t seem to care about much, apart from his beer.

I had arrived at Lisa’s house to show her all of the Pocket Wedding Invitations I’d managed to find. I had a large collection, and I saw her get excited the moment she saw me. She flipped through the black invitations and then I showed her the Beach Themed Wedding Invitations. She stared at the one invitation for about ten minutes. She loved it, I could tell. I took that as my cue, and asked her why she had gone with black in the beginning. Just as I had suspected, she was trying to plan the wedding for her mostly absent partner’s taste, not hers.