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Caring tow truck driver offers a ride

I had managed to calm myself down and realise that things were going to be ok. My car had just broken down on the freeway while I was driving to the shopping centre. I was glad I wasn’t rushing to get anywhere important because I wasn’t going anywhere fast. I had been sitting on the side of the road just long enough to make a few phone calls and think about how I was going to get to work tomorrow if I didn’t have a car. I didn’t necessarily need a car to get to work, there was public transport available, so it wasn’t much of a big deal. It would just take some time for me to adjust. Just as I looked into my rear vision mirror, I saw the big truck from Car Transport Adelaide driving up beside me. The driver pulled up in front of my car and then came and introduced himself. He must have been able to see how nervous and shaken I was because he was being very gentle, and incredibly nice. The driver offered me a lift home after he took down my details and worked out where to take the car.

The driver from Tow Truck Adelaide tried to strike up conversations with me in the tow truck when he drove me home, but I couldn’t think straight enough to give sane answers. Everything I said ended up sounding like Yoda. The man at Towing Adelaide was so friendly and even offered to stay and chat to me once I’d gotten home. He said it was important to have someone else around when you’re in shock and he thought I was. I told the tow truck driver that I would be fine and waved him off as he headed for the mechanic’s.