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Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning will come easy soon enough

Once the carpet cleaner Adelaide crew are gone, we will be able to clean the place so much easier. It’s so easy to clean once it’s already been cleaned, because it’s only a matter of keeping it at that point, and doing lots of little cleans to get it back to that pristine condition. It’s only a matter of a single plate, or maybe a glass. I don’t think that I will be able to clean all of it by myself, so you will have to help, but I swear Kyle, we will be so clean once these guys and girls have done their job and cleaned the place. I called up the upholstery cleaning Adelaide crew as well, so that the couch and the lounge in the lounge room will able to get fixed. Michael keeps on scratching up the place and it’s really starting to get on my nerves. I didn’t pay all this money on those couches just to have them get ripped up again by some furball so that we can call the upholstery guy again to get them fixed. Not that I don’t like calling the upholstery guy; he was really nice and he would probably not complain about me going out to dinner with my girlfriends on a Friday night, Kyle! He would probably be supportive of the fact that my friend Denise needed a shoulder to cry on when her boyfriend, of two dates dumped her. I don’t know that for sure, but he sound like a nice guy, by his tone on the phone when he said things like quotes, and upholstery. He was seriously, super professional, very knowledgeable and very friendly. I couldn’t be happier with the way I was treated by tile and grout cleaners Adelaide company, and all those who work within her.

Mattress cleaning, a priority

I had just moved out of home and being a full time student did not have much money in my bank. I was only able to pay my rent and buy a little bit of food with the money that I got from my part time job. When I moved, because my brother needed my old bed, I had to buy a second-hand bed for my new unit. I was hoping to get a brand new one but I had no idea they’d cost so much! I found a decent looking mattress and frame from the second hand shop and bought it. The following day I told my parents I’d bought a bed. When they heard it was from a second hand shop the lectures poured in. They told me about how many bugs live in mattresses and how many dead skin cells fall off our bodies and make homes inside our bedding. I was nearly sick when I heard all of this. I told them it would have been handy to know that earlier and considering that I’d already spent my money on the bed, I’d just have to deal with it.

I looked online and I found out that Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide did mattress cleaning. I was immediately excited to know this and called them straight away. They told me they would suck everything out of the mattress with a high powered vacuum, then scrub it and then clean it. Steam Cleaning Adelaide would then treat the mattress and use deodorising products to freshen the mattress. I knew I had to book these guys in to come and clean my mattress.

The Tile and Grout Cleaners Adelaide provided a great service. I was no longer worried about the breathing problems I could encounter from sleeping on a second hand bed. It felt clean and smelt great.

Cleaners win again!

The first Friday of every month the Steam Cleaning Adelaide team come to the office. We have to make sure we put everything away and put the chairs up in the tea room. The cleaners steam the carpets throughout the entire office, the couches and all the soft computer chairs. I’ve noticed lately they have started cleaning the blinds as well.

The reception ladies at my work have started leaving little tests for the cleaners. They purposely put chewing gum in the corners of the carpets, mark the chairs with permanent pens and even pour spots of milk on the couches in the tea room. I overheard them talking about it the other day and couldn’t believe someone would waste their time on things like that. I asked them whether the cleaners ever miss anything and they told me that Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide have picked up every test they’d ever left. I asked them why they are continuing to make the office dirtier if the cleaners have already proven how thorough they are. There response was purely because they were bored.

It was a Friday morning and the had Tile and Grout Cleaning Adelaide been and gone. As usual, the place looked and smelt great. I heard one of the reception ladies talking to the boss about how the cleaners had left her empty cup on the table, instead of washing it and putting it away. The receptionist went on to suggest the boss hire a different cleaning company. I’d had enough. When the receptionist went back to her desk I told the boss that the ladies had been testing the cleaners. The boss was shocked and suggested to the receptionist that she find more productive things to do with her time at work.