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We need Thomas, and his spine

I like that we all have our own roles. I like that we all are able to work together, and keep the peace within this little family that we call the Argo. I know that’s not what the crew is actually called, but we are the crew of the E-Class Explorer the Argo, so it’s the best we can do. I like that we can each do our own thing to help out the team. The pilot that we have is Thomas Highland. He’s a brilliant pilot and he has been sorely missed for these past months. He’s been out of action due to a war injury flaring up again. I’m just joking, he’s never been in the war. He’s such a pacifist, he couldn’t hurt a fly. The chiropractor Brighton told us the whole story/ He hurt his back climbing up a flight of stairs to get to the cockpit. He decided that he would be clever and miss a few steps, and save two second. He ended up slipping out one of his discs and costing the crew two months worth of jobs and saving. We are now into winter, and the Storm is two months away. We shouldn’t be too worried though, as this old girl can handle a storm or two. The chiropractic Brighton chiropractors that treated him said that Thomas has recovered remarkably well considering all the teasing that he’s been getting from the crew. We all like to tease on each other, and we all think it’s just a bit of fun, no harm intended.

He is now jumping around the bridge like he’s king of the world, and it’s all I can do to stop him from hurting himself again. Marcus, our navigator, has loved it though. he likes seeing Thomas cut loose a little bit, as he likes to as well. Thomas is the straight laced teacher and maths professor, and Marcus is the hot headed naval officer, who loves to run around. Normally, in any sort of TV show, or entertainment, Marcus would be the cocky pilot, and Thomas, the conservative navigator. Not this time though, as the pilot role belongs to our very own, back broken Thomas!

This little spell in the clinic of the chiropractitioners Brighton has made Thomas loosen up a bit. It’s good to see his other side a little. He’s normally so serious, especially when he’s flying, or he’s teaching the children.

Old Dog

As a doctor, I used to be skeptical of alternative health care, but after hurting my back in a work related injury, I found myself in the office of a the chiropractor Brighton, to see if it was possible to have my spinal injuries corrected.

I had been taking medication for my back for quite some time, but was fearful of developing a dependency, besides, it was clear my back was not actually healing, and I was only masking the symptoms. The chiropractic Brighton office was full of people, and as I waited for my appointment, found myself talking to an older lady about the benefits of chiropractic care. She informed me that she came regularly, and that she always left feeling younger and healthier than when she came in. Such a review did indeed surprise me, and yet, it was clear that she truly believed her chiropractitioner Brighton was responsible for much of her current health.

I was quite disappointed when my name was called to go to my appointment, as I found the discussion I was having to be rather intriguing. However, my chiropractor proved to be just as interesting. Indeed, upon discovering that I was a doctor, he began to explain the science of chiropractic care, and the concept of alternative medicine began to make more sense to me.

When I left the office, my back pain had been minimised, and I was promised that if I continued to have chiropractic care, my back would become stronger and the back pain would continue to decrease.

As I made my way home, I continued to consider the benefits of chiropractic care and came to decide that I would recommend such alternative therapies to my clients in conjunction with traditional medicine. I suppose you can, after all, teach an old dog new tricks.

Healing Powers

Since I had gotten an office job, I have adopted a terrible posture. I know that there’s a certain way you are meant to sit while in front  of a computer, but I always found slouching much more comfortable. I suppose I have gotten what I deserve for not looking after myself at work, a terrible back. It is for this reason that I now find myself at the chiropractitioner Brighton, waiting for a back adjustment. Apparently slouching puts your spinal cord out of place, and this influences your comfort and the neurons that run down your spine.

My chiropractor Brighton is really a God send. The amount of pain that has been relieved since my monthly appointments has been tremendous. I find the way they pinpoint exactly where your back is out of place quite fascinating and often find myself asking a lot of questions about the science behind it. I have started to take my son along as well, and he talks about becoming a chiropractor one day and joining the chiropractor Brighton firm. Personally, I think this would be an excellent career path for him, and the fact that free chiropractic care would be coming my way is only a partial consideration.

I think it’s great that my boy wants to go down the path of health sciences, that he wants to help other people. It’s a very noble thing to do and with his bright mind, he would excel at it. I know a lot of people tend to question the legitimacy of chiropractic work, but I think that’s the result of media and people not understanding the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare. I for one have definitely been converted and am a huge advocate for it since experiencing its healing powers.