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Cockroach Control

Much needed pest control for the investment property

We were renovating our investment home and just ripped out one of the main lounge room walls. To our disgust we found what seemed to be a kingdom of rats living in the roof, the recently knocked out wall and underneath the floorboards. The number of rats in this place was shocking. No amount of rat traps would be enough to get rid of this infestation so we called Pest Control Melbourne.

The pest controllers suggested Pest Inspections Melbourne to be carried out before spraying the house as they wanted to be sure of exactly how many rats they were dealing with. I didn’t care what happened – I just wanted those rats gone! My partner arranged a time for the pest controllers to come and do their inspections.

They came out the following day and were overwhelmed by the amount of rats in the house. As no one had been living there for about six months the problem had just spiralled out of control. The inspectors said the quicker they did the spraying the better as the number of rats could very well multiply in a matter of days.

The Cockroach Control Melbourne crew told us we should not come back to the house for at least two days once they had done the spray. We put some of our renovation plans on hold and had the pest controllers do what they had to do.

We went back a few days later and found all the rats had gone. The pest controllers really knew what they were doing – I couldn’t believe they had managed to tackle all those rats! Now we could get on with our renovations.

Emotional pest control

My wife was pregnant with our third child. She was always happy and hardly ever had crazy hormonal outbursts, which was fantastic. One afternoon when I got home from work she was sitting in the lounge room crying. I rushed over to see what was wrong when she blurted out,

“We need to kill them. We have to kill them all. I don’t want to kill anyone but it’s just too unsafe for us and the kids! Babe, I really don’t want to kill them all! They have their own beautiful families and we are just going to kill them”.

I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about so when she pointed to the kitchen I walked straight in. I looked around and at the bottom of the pantry was a large rats nest. I couldn’t help but laugh. She was so upset about killing these rats that she had fallen asleep on the couch from exhaustion. She was definitely having a pregnant moment.

I phoned Pest Inspections Melbourne and arranged for them to come to the house two days later. My wife had recovered from her emotional meltdown but when the Pest Control Melbourne van pulled up it started all over again. She was so upset she had to leave the room when the men came inside. While the Cockroach Control Melbourne team were setting up their equipment I loaded my emotional wife and two kids into the car and set off for a nice relaxing day at the public swimming pool. I figured if my wife was constantly focusing on where the kids were, she would be distracted from what was happening at home.