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Pubs shut, only solution – build a man shed

About a month ago the local pub closed down due to bankruptcy. It was devastating for the community, or more so for my mates and I. We tried our best to keep the pub open, pouring our every paycheck into their tills in exchange for a cold beer or two but sadly, to no avail. I have been going insane over the past few weeks. All I want to do is get home and have a beer, without the wife in my ear nagging me about things that I didn’t care about. I just needed somewhere to wind down, with no one hassling me.

The next day at work I came up with a brilliant idea. I spoke to the boys and they all agreed the idea was a winner. I phoned Commercial Sheds Tamworth at lunch time and spoke to them about the prices of their sheds. I found out a lot of useful information about sizes, prices and shapes. I wrote all the information down and spent the rest of the day thinking about my new ‘man-shed’ that will be built in the next two weeks. That evening I spoke to my wife about the plan to have a shed built. She didn’t mind, as long as the shed didn’t crush her garden, she didn’t care.

The next day I phoned Carports Tamworth back and placed the order for my new shed. It was going to be great. Once Stable Builders Tamworth had finished I was going to deck the shed out with a bar, pool table, dart board and maybe even an air hockey table. Who needed a pub, it would work out a lot cheaper to drink in my new man-shed, and all the boys from work were keen.