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I need some more security in this prison

We always need to be vigilant of what this world is now, and how secure we can really be. I don’t think that we can ever be truly safe, but I do know that I will do whatever it takes to make my people and my son, the safest that they can be, however long that takes, and however much that costs me. I will sacrifice everything that I hold dear to make that happen. I don’t think that I can do it without the help of a few good friends and without the help of the security company Perth crew. I want to tell them that they have my support. I want to tell my group that we should give the security guards Perth crew their full support because only when we are in this as one and for all, then we will be able to get through this and get to the other side. I hope that I can tell my group that, but I don’t know how well it will come out of my mouth. I find it hard to lie, and that is what I would be doing if I told them that. I don’t know if we will make it, because even if we do band together, we might all pass into the life that is next, and no one else on this earth would ever know what we went through, or know who we are. The event security Perth people will be able to make us a little bit safer, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be totally safe. In fact I almost guarantee that we can’t get rid of all of the risk in our lives, especially now, since the world turned against us all. I can only think back on the old world with fondness, because they will be the only good times that I have.

A little appreciation for security goes a long way

The airport shuttle bays around here have gotten a reputation for being criminal hangouts. I would not go down there after dark and know of a lot of people who have had their bags taken or have been harassed by gangs of youth. I saw on the news the other day that they have hired a Security Company Perth to patrol the stations and move people along so there are no loiterers. I think it’s very intimidating getting off a shuttle on your own and having to walk through a gang of teenagers who are just hanging around the station.

For the first time in a long time I needed to catch the shuttle after dark. I am always mindful of where I sit and who is around me. I definitely try not put myself in a bad situation. Being a small, skinny lady I am scared easily. Some of the people who hang around at shuttle bays look like they could be professional wrestlers! I was glad to know that when I got off the train there would be Security Guards Perth keeping an eye on everything.

As I expected there was four Event Security Perth on patrol. It made a noticeable difference, there was no one hanging around without an apparent reason. I was not scared to walk from the shuttle to my car in the car park. I felt so relieved that I went up to one of the security guards and thanked them for being there. I told him how much of a difference it had made and that I felt a lot safer knowing they were there. He was so grateful that I made the effort to thank him and told me it was very different to the abuse he usually copped from people doing the wrong thing. He was so happy to hear my appreciation that he offered to walk me to my car and told me any time I was here, he’d keep a special eye on me and make sure I got to my car safely.