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Crane truck hire on construction site

The construction of this building was going to take at least a year. I’d just been promoted and handed a job that was worth more money than I could ever dream of. The number of contractors hired to do this job was massive and the organisation needed to be perfect for it to all run smoothly. The job was not to start for a few weeks but we were in the process of getting the construction site ready. We had hired Crane Truck Hire Adelaide to move the demountable office on site. The fencing guys came through and erected the fencing while the administration ladies set up the office.

The day was going quite quickly and seemed to be very productive. Not only did Tow Truck Service Adelaide manage to maneuver the office through the obstacle driveway, the fencers managed to put together a quality, sturdy fence in no time. The ladies in the office had set up their workstations and were still bringing in office equipment when the man from Towing Adelaide popped his head in the door. He said he had just saw a car accident out the front of the job site and wondered if we needed any more work done. He told us he had finished what he had to do and if we didn’t need anything else done, he’d go out and help the person who’d crashed into the light post. I told him he could leave and thanked him for his help. I had a quick meeting with the admin ladies and sorted out how things were going to run.

I was happy with the progress made today. I was quietly happy with myself. I’d never been in charge of a job site before, usually I’m the one slaving away in the hot sun. It’s nice to finally be the one sitting in the office with a collared shirt on.