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I love the new dog walker, and her walking abilities

I can hardly keep up with gideon at the best of times, as he has the energy of a much fitter dog. He’s a big dog; Greater Swiss Mountain Dog to be precise, and he runs like a horse and drinks gallons of water each and every day. I don’t know how I’ve been able to almost keep up with his walking abilities for this long. I’m a bit of an old man now, almost 40 and I don’t think that anyone but the fittest dog walker Melbourne would be able to handle him. luckily, I’ve found such a person. She was the best person they had; came highly recommended, and I loved her to pieces. Gideon fell madly in love as well. As Shakespeare would say he “fell not too quickly, but too deep”.

I love old will, but I love my dog Gideon more. He’s something of a mystery to me sometimes, as he will often go into the backyard and not talk to me for days. He’d be writing, or doing some of his music, and I won’t even see him for hours at a time. It’s so sad to think that he has this life that I don’t know bout, but I suppose he is getting to be that age; he wants his own space, and doesn’t like to hang out with me any more. I’m not cool enough for him. The dog walkers Melbourne are cool though, and he’ll hang out with them all day and all night. I once saw him drawing a little fantasy walk between him and the other walkers. I thought that one walker would be enough for him, but I guess not. The dog walking Melbourne service is also something of a mystery to me: how can they do such great work at such great prices? It baffles me, is what it does.