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I have been dog swindled

I have been taken for a fool and I don’t know if I’ll be able to recover in time for the big partnership ball that will be on this evening. I am being named partner and it’s in my honour. Normally they do this thing with a few other new partners, but this year I’m the only one to have been chosen, so I guess it’s just me, carrying the torch for all the new partners, and new would be partners. I give it a few years before most of my work friends are partners as well. We’ll see though. The point is, it’s a big night, and I might not be ready for it. i just found out that I’ve been giving money to someone who I thought was a professional dog walking service Melbourne staff member, a walker as they call it on the Walking Dead, but it turns out that I was giving a homeless woman money every week. Well I learnt my lesson the hard way, and suffice to say, I will be vetting my dog walkers more closely now. The new one that I’ve hired, on an emergency basis for today (since I have the partner thing) is called Samantha. She’s definitely from the program, and has a great resume. I can’t wait to meet her, and for her to meet rufus. Rufus has been in a grump all month, and I’m not too sure why. Hopefully Sam can turn him around.

Turns out that sam is an angel. she’s really the best dog walker Melbourne has to offer, and I’m super lucky to have her on my payroll I can’t wait until tomorrow, when Rufus can go and see her again. He came back from that walk with the biggest grin on his face. The dog walkers Melbourne service will get a great online review tonight.