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Painters bring back sanity

Our TV has been away getting fixed for the past three days. I did not realise how much I relied on the television for entertainment! I have been bored out of my brain for the past three days and could think of nothing to do. I was staring at the wall when my partner walked in. Luckily for him, he was employed, so he had the luxury of escaping the house of boredom and going to work. I was in a trace when he walked in and only noticed he’d come inside when he was standing in front of me trying to work out what I was staring at. He started picking away the paint on the wall. I snapped back to reality and jumped up to give him a hug. I was glad to have some company, someone to entertain me. I asked him what he was doing to the wall and he told me he was picking off the paint. I looked back at the wall and realised the paint was chipping. I didn’t notice it before, or that it was happening on the ceiling, and all the other walls.

Our house was old and we’d never had it painted. It was only a matter of time before it started peeling. I was glad this happened, now I’d have something to do – arrange getting the house repainted. I called Painters Melbourne to have a chat with them about pricing and availability. I wanted to have it done as soon as possible. I was losing my mind without the television, this would help keep me sane. The man from House Painters Melbourne booked me in for his next appointment and wished me a good day. I sat staring at the clock. It was still a few days away before Exterior Painters Melbourne arrived, but I had nothing else to look forward to.

Help moving before the painters arrive

It can’t be that hard to shift furniture. Honestly, my brother was hopeless. Mum had asked us to go over to her house and help her move her things into the garage. She was having the interior of her house repainted and needed to clear all the rooms. She’d asked my brother and I because she had no one else, and my brother made no effort to help. He turned up at Mums, whinged about having to help her and got out of anything he could. I just wanted to get it done to help Mum, no point whining about something – that just makes it take longer. Dad used to say that to me all the time. Maybe my brother and I are so different because my dad passed away when my brother was young, so he didn’t have the same morals as me? I had no idea, all I knew that we were two peas from very different pods. By the time we finished moving everything Mum was making lunch. My brother helped me lay drop sheets down, in case the men from Painters Melbourne didn’t bring their own.

Over lunch Mum showed us the colours she had chosen for the house. I liked them. Mum went on to tell us that the crew from Exterior House Painters Melbourne would be starting to paint tomorrow and the job shouldn’t take long. I was very happy for Mum. She’d wanted the house painted for over six years but just never had the money to spend. I was glad she was finally able to get it done. She lived there on her own, she should have the colours she wants on the walls that surround her.

I had a phone call from Mum about a week and a half later. She phoned to say that Interior House Painters Melbourne did a wonderful job and of course, to ask if I would mind helping to move everything back out from the garage.