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The tree is going down tomorrow

I never really liked trees and this is just the last straw between us and them. I shouldn’t really say us, because that implies that I have some sort of backing or following behind me, when I don’t. It is just me, against the wild of the trees that are out there, waiting for me to let my guard down so that they can pounce. It won’t be easy, always being protected like this, but I have a way of making it a little easier. I will be calling the tree lopping Brisbane crew on the morrow, so that they can come to the property and chop down every single tree that dwells on my property. I don’t mean to be cruel or anything; it’s simply a preventative measure. If the trees had the sense that they should have, they never would have gotten themselves planted there in the first place, when everyone in town knows how little I love trees. The answer is actually none at all, because I loathe trees. I don’t really want to go into why right now, but suffice to say that they will all have it coming one day. I don’t want to get rid of all of them, but the stump removal Brisbane crew will definitely have their work cut out for them over the next stretch of time that I can see before us all. I will clean up this town and I will start by cleaning up this yard of mine and getting rid of any trace of a tree. All of the leaves will be gone and all of the stumps will also be gone. It will be like there was never anything living in there except for me, all of these 3 long years. I will call up the firewood Brisbane crew to see if we can’t do anything with what will be left of the trees once they are all done with them.