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We love the quad bikes, in the sheds

We needed to find a portable and practical solution to the nedsa that we had, in the ranch. we have a problem and the best person came up with a solution. Linda, the new girl, who’s super cute and has the best nose in the whole world, said the smartest thing ever. she said that we could get quad bikes to use to move from one part of the ranch to another. we could even house them near the horse sheds Tamworth when they weren’t in use. t’s close to the house, so only a short walk, and they are centrally located, close to everything.It’s a brilliant idea.

It takes more than 10 minutes to get there, and thats when you are using the ATV quad bikes that have been bought especially for the ranch. i hope that they get more of those, since we always seem to be running out of them. I also hope that we can get some more horses to be used as transport, going from custom sheds Tamworth way too small to house the great mind and body of our leader, Rick. I know it’s not normal to call the leader by his first name, but we all like to keep things calm and friendly. we all call each other by our first names. It’s nice, it breeds familiarity.

the horses need to be trained first, which is why we are getting in some great horse trainers, including myself. She, being Linda, also came up with that idea. I’m so happy she recommended me to the position of horse trainer on the ranch. I hope Rick is pleased as well. he encourages us to do what we like, and follow our passions. He also encourages the friendship level that Linda and I share. We even went down to the commercial sheds Tamworth, all on our own, on the one bike! I was so excited.