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The tree huggers and the pool people combine

I want to thank all the tree huggers for the work they did to help me pay for this new glass pool fencing Melbourne. They are really big fans of glas, ads it doesn’t chop down trees to make it, unlike timber pool fences. Not that I think it’s bad either way; it’s just that I much prefer to have a glass one, and these guys were willing to help me to get it. I love that there is such a sense of community in this town (I’m new here, moved from Sydney about three weeks ago). I want to thank the tree huggers, formerly called hippies, formerly called children of flower power, previously called flower power, previously called parents of flower power. They did me a great kindness, and I will forever be in their debt. The pool people were so nice as well. They were really helpful in getting me the pool thing, and helping to set up meetings to help me get this glass pool fence Melbourne.

It was the best thing I’ve ever done, in the past week. The other great thing I’ve done recently, was to move here. I love it here, and I’m happier here than I ever was anyone else. I can barely remember what they were like, it feels like so long ago. There is no way that I’m going back to Yuckville, or Gross Town. They aren’t real places, just horrible nicknames. I’m sorry to Rockville and Mose Town. There really are great cities.

The only thing better than the pool itself and the pool fencing Melbourne would have to be the synergy that the two of them create, when combined. I am a big synergy fan, and anyone who knows me can tell that I love it when things work together. It gets me all fuzzy inside, like a marshmallow slowly cooking on the inside.