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Today, I will be spending close to twelve hours in a hair salon Perth. I know it sounds strange, perhaps even dull, but I for one am very excited. Today, I will finally be getting dreadlocks, something I have wanted since the age of thirteen. Unfortunately for me, my high school had deemed dreadlocks an ‘extreme hairstyle’ and it was therefore forbidden. Fortunately for me, yesterday was my final year twelve exam and I am now able to dread my hair. When I contacted the beauty salon Perth in regards to dreadlocks, they had been quite accommodating, and had promised that I would have at least one person working on them non-stop throughout the day, and between other appointments, the rest of the staff would also help out.

This means that there is a potential to have up to three different hairdressers Perth working on my dreads at one time, which may well mean that it will take less time to complete than expected. I arrived at the hairdressers at eight in the morning, and was immediately shown to a chair in the corner of the room, where others would be the least in my way.

I had heard stories from others about dreadlocks going wrong and had a couple of minor reservations about getting them, but after seeing the skill used by my hairdresser on the first dreadlock, I was no longer concerned. The hairstylist clearly knew what she was doing and worked with efficiency, ease and minimal pain, which in itself is an heart given that dreadlocks are made by pulling and knotting hair.

When my hair was about halfway done, an older woman came into the salon, demanding that the makeup Perth artist see to her face immediately. I had rolled my eyes at the arrogance of the woman and when she had discovered she would need to wait half an hour, she grudgingly took a seat and spent the next fifteen minutes enquiring after my strange hairdo. I was quite relieved when finally, she was seated and a beautician began to work on her face, for finally, she was unable to speak and I was able to have my dreadlocks finished in peace. Several days later I realised that dreadlocks were a bad decisions because boys were scared of me.