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The house will be renovated as soon as we are ready

I want to get started on this sort of thing right away, but I’m pretty sure that we have to wait until the whole house is here before we can do that sort of thing. I want to get the house renovated by the renovations Sydney team, but since this is a democratic household and since we each have an equal say in the running of the house, I have to wait until Pype is back from the trip that he was on, and gets here, to the house. He and Gemma went a bit of a romantic getaway, which is nice for them, but not so nice for me, who has to think about Pype and Gemma on a romantic getaway all weekend and the fact that I have no one and I’m all alone. I wish I had a girl to call my own, just like Pype does. He and Gemma have been going out for two years and they are still acting like love struck teenagers, and I think that it’s really sweet, and really cute. I would never actually admit that though; I would always just keep that to myself. I will get back to what I’m meant to be talking about; the people and the crew of the home renovations Sydney company. I have been told, by Pype himself that they are the best renovators in the whole state, and possibly the country and so it makes sense to leave it to the experts, the best experts in this case, to do something that I myself would not want to try and tackle. I don’t want to do it until Pype gets back and he can cast his vote alongside myself and Jon. It will be Gemma that really decides what Pype’s vote is, and I have no doubt what she will choose. She loves this house, and wants the luxury furniture Sydney crew to do a good job of fixing it up even further.