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Animals excited about great new barn

The day had finally arrived. Debbie the duck, Cam the cow, Greg the goat and I had all been sleeping out in the cold for far too long. The weather was continuing to get worse, with strong winds and cold rain being a common occurrence. The shade of the trees did not keep us dry and the cold wet ground made for a very uncomfortable sleep. Our food was constantly wet and we were all starting to get the sniffles. Thank goodness the barn was being finished today. We had all been moved from the old barn out into the open paddocks so the men from Horse Barns Tamworth were able to build us a new one. It was not the greatest deal, but we couldn’t sleep inside with the farmer and his wife, there’s no way she would have allowed it.

We had watched the Livestock Barns Tamworth team build the barn from the beginning. At the start it was just a few men out in the paddock, measuring things and writing things down on papers. Now it is a large team of men, hammering and making lots of noise.

Watching the men from Carports Tamworth pack up their equipment and leave the property was the most exciting part of the day. Anticipation was growing inside all of us as we walked towards our new home. What would the inside look like? Was it going to be the same setup as the previous one? Was it going to be warm? Really it didn’t matter about any of that, as long as it had a closed in roof, we were all going to be happy.

The farmer came out and let us into our new barn and stocked up the hay. He stood for a moment and admired his new barn. He looked happy with it. He left the barn and we were all very happy to be warm and dry with food that wasn’t soaking.