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I am on my way, with my new IT network

We need to go broker a deal with some warring factions in Cherves, and we’ll be there for up to a week. I wonder what kind of information we can get there, as well as on our way there. With our increased efficiency in the OS, we can now do so many more functions while we are in Jump. It used to be such a boring time, going over old info files, and working through possible seller’s, but now there is so much more; all thanks to the wonderful job that the IT services Melbourne team did for us here on the Herring. I’m actually quite proud of the name that I got for my ship. It’s a play on red herring, since we are dressed as Letter ships. I know that’s not really accurate, but it’s all to do with deception, so I thought it kind of worked. It also kind of worked because the name that the AITI guys use for the group of thieves and fraudsters is BAS (Brokers And Skimmers). Get it, it’s to do with fish in general. I know that neither of them on their own are that good, but together I think it makes Herring a good choice for the ship’s name.

The Herring has recently been outfitted with state of the art IT systems Melbourne, so that we can prevent any more crashes of the system (mostly due to data overload. We’ve had a good few months), and to safely and securely back up all of our data, for retrieval if and when we need it. If we wanted to, and the feds got after us, we could just erase it all, fill it with the fake Letter ship info, and pretend we are legitimate. Then, when we are released, we can get the data back, thanks to IT solutions Melbourne.