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Pet rabbit results in kitchen renovations

We got a pet rabbit about four months ago. I don’t have a cage for it but it started off ok. I’ve toilet trained it so there are no nasty surprises left around the house. Unfortunately my rabbit has discovered what it’s teeth are used for and has literally started chewing the house down. Every room has teeth marks in it somewhere, and the kitchen cupboards have actually started to fall to bits because of the rabbit. I decided to get the rabbit a cage. It’s just not worth having the place destroyed. I’ll let the rabbit out to play, I’ll just have to keep an eye on her.

I decided after seeing the extent of the rabbits damage to the kitchen, that I would spend a bit of money getting my kitchen renovated. I always dreamed of having a nice big kitchen with all the modern tricks and trinkets. Now, maybe I finally could. I walked into Kitchen Renovations Sydney and told the woman about the plans I had for my kitchen. The lady walked me through some of the kitchen displays they had at Kitchen Design Sydney, asking me questions about benches and cupboards.

The woman left me alone to have a look around Kitchen Cabinets Sydney. While walking around the store I thought to myself what would happen if I spend all this money on a new kitchen and the rabbit does the same thing to the new kitchen. I told myself not to be silly, that I was the boss of that rabbit, and to continue shopping.

Everything in the store was gorgeous. I had come in to find out some information, which I had done and now I had to go home and really think about my decisions.