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Winery Tours Weekend Retreat

Once a year, my friends and I splurge and spend a luxurious weekend together. In the past, this has involved penthouse apartments in the Hilton Hotel, but this year, we have decided to go to the country. My friend Sarah told us about winery tours Melbourne, an opportunity to enjoy the countryside and be driven to various vineyards in a limousine. It was immediately decided that this was the perfect weekend escape, and we made a booking shortly thereafter. As the tour was only for one day, we agreed that the second would be spent enjoying the shopping and beaches the Mornington Peninsula has to offer.

Many of my friends had not experienced limousines Melbourne before and this simply made the weekend even more exciting. We have the tendency to build off each other’s excitement , so in the week leading up to our weekend escape, we all spent a lot of time laughing and squealing at each other’s homes. By the time we were due to leave, our husbands were ready to have some peace and see the back of us.

The weekend was a blur of laughter, exquisite wine, and happy memories, although it passed all too quickly. My only regret was that I could not afford to buy more bottle of wine to take home with me. Being chauffeured in stretch limo hire Melbourne was a fantastic experience that left my friends and me feeling like royalty. It was a shame that we had to return to normal life, for I could have gotten used to being driven around in a limo and sampling wine all day. Alas, we did return home, but have decided that our next weekend retreat will be a return to the tour of the wineries.