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I have always had a major appreciation for cars, and for driving. As a child, I used to build go-karts and race them. I became known as the daredevil as I was constantly cutting sharp corners and going as fast as possible.

It was no surprise to my parents when I expressed interest in being a mechanic, but when a couple of years later, I mentioned I would like to be a stuntman, they were not at all impressed.

Regardless of their fears and reservations, I pursued my dreams and enjoyed a very promising career. One of my favourite jobs was for an action movie that required me to act as a chauffeur for a wedding limo hire Melbourne company. As the plot developed, it was revealed that the couple who had employed my character as their limo hire Melbourne chauffeur were actually prison escapees and were planning a major robbery at a bank. As the innocent stretch limo hire Melbourne employee, my character’s role was to drive them away from the bank, and through oncoming traffic in order to save my life.

My character, who was there for both comic relief and for logistical purposes such as taking the antagonists to the airport transfers Melbourne parking lot, spent much of his camera time stressing out and narrowly missing both pedestrians and traffic in his plight to save his life. It was later revealed that my character was in fact undercover and had taken the the antagonists fake IDs and plane tickets while they had robbed the bank and left me in one of the limousines Melbourne stretch limos.

People often ask me when I’m going to get a ‘real job’, but I really can’t imagine having a more enjoyable career.