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I love how well she works with the livestock and the sheds

I didn’t think I’d find someone to replace Tammy, because she was actually not too bad at her job. She was a horrible person to be around, but compared to all of the other applicants that we had at the time, she was the only one that could do even a halfway decent job of the livestock sheds Tamworth. They are a different kettle of fish to the other, because of the live animal aspect of it. They were built for us for those very specifications. Now that I think back on it, a lot of mistake that Tammy made were glossed over; both by fear, as well as the lack of someone better to replace her with. we couldn’t really afford to be without someone on the team, so we let her stayed when she should have gone a long time ago. There came a time though, when we couldn’t afford to keep her anymore, so we got rid of her. we now have Mandy.

Mandy is such a good worker that it makes me so much more surprised that we kept Tammy as long as we did Mandy is 10 times the livestock barns Tamworth worker that Tammy was, and she is friendly, capable, smart, kind to the animals, as well as to the other workers. She’s an all around great person, and I’m happy she’s working for me. That’s right, working for me; Charles Langford, married. I am married, and her boss, not that that’s relevant. I’m just saying it, so everyone knows. I hope that my wife and kids get to meet her soon, so that it doesn’t seem like I’m hiding her or anything. I’m definitely not hiding her, or her long auburn hair. Amelia would like her, but I don’t know about Karen. She might not like her alot, but she’s way better than Tammy, who came to our house one day when we were working on some horse sheds Tamworth. Karen hates her now.