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Makeup can change everything

I once knew a young lady that was completely transformed when she went to a makeup Perth session. I believe every girl has the right to make themselves feel attractive by going to the beauty salon, but did not expect her to look as different as she did when she walked out.

Dresses up parties are her passion and chocolate was her favourite food. This was something we have in common, but neither of us knew it at the time. She was short, about 5.0’’ or so and there was something about her that always drew me to her. Unfortunately, she barely knew me at the time I help developed such a vague, but strange crush for her. We spoke occasionally at university, which wasn’t as frequent as I desired. All I wanted was an opportunity outside of university to speak to her and make a real attempt to hit it off because she was always too focused in class to really give others her attention.

One day, there was a dress up party I was invited to by a class mate themed “Hollywood Movies.” I went to the shopping centre and when I was there, I saw my crush for going to the hair salon Perth. After I had purchased my costume I managed to work up the courage to approach the salon and say hello. To my disappointment the only person there had their back faced to me and she had green hair, which definitely wasn’t my crush.

Later that night I went to the dress up party as “Willy Wonka”. Finally, the moment I had always wanted was about to take place. My crush walked in with green hair, and a spray tan Perth. She was dressed as an “Oompah Loompah.” I finally had my chance to hit it off with her.