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The results are finally in

I’ve never seen anything like this in all of my years of working at the eye clinic Ballarat. It’s something totally unique, and extraordinary. I’m going to go tell Dad right away. He will love to hear about this, as it’s right up his alley. I know for a fact that no one else in this family has seen this before, and we live for eyes. Sorry, I’ll introduce myself when I get back.

I’m back and my name is Emily. I work for my father at the optometrists Ballarat. I’ve worked there for about 10 years now, and I’m training to be a doctor. Well I was training to be a doctor, until news of the Storm came in. We had no idea about the prophecy, or any of that. We didn’t believe it at first. Then things started happening. We started seeing more and more strange things, all linked to this Storm. We knew it had to be true, and there was no way of escaping it. We decided , well Dad decided, to bunker down and try and ride it out. I was with umm, wanting to try and help people who need it .We’re important to them, we said, and we need to help others. We are new to this country, coming from across the globe, and as such, we have a new sense of pride and identity that’s hard to shake.

This new development which I got from the eye tests Ballarat, is about the cause,. It turns out that there is a genetic link between the patients. We just didn’t pick it up because there aren’t too many families, or people in the crew at all. with only 17 people, it’s not a great sample size. It turns out that only those with the type A blood are being affected. I got this from analysing the samples from everyone here, and figuring it out. I’ve never seen an eye disease related to blood type befor, and I don’t think Dad has either. With only 3 weeks til the storm, this will only get worse, and we need to warn people, and see if we can stop it.