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We can now safeguard against pests

The pest control Melbourne team were really good at getting rid of the birds, those mysterious little pests that had invaded the Argo more than three days ago. We didn’t see those birds until they had set up their nests during the night. The rest happened so quickly, that I could hardly keep up. They multiplied like crazy, and I found myself with more than three dozen eggs and birds in the cargo bay of the largest Exporter roaming the galaxy (I presume. I like to think that we are the only ones still rocking out the E-Class. It’s only working because of the mods Jess and I have made to her. She’s a real beauty now, I must say).

We called up the same people who took care of the termites Melbourne that we had a few weeks ago. It wasn’t long before the birds actually, so we ran into a string of bad luck for a time being. That being said, we are all something of a collection of lost toys, each with their own sad story. We’ve all had bad luck. I guess it’s just pooling here in the Argo.

We can now safeguard against future pests, or so I hope. We have put up a large series of nets and security features, that Jess, Victor, Marcus and I have installed. We got tips from the science guy Jonathan; I think he likes being the smartest guy in the room sometimes. All the time actually. The pest inspections Melbourne people were more than helpful in that regard as well. They gave us useful advice about the origin of some kinds of pests, and therefore how to combat them, and even more importantly, how to prevent them. We need to be proactive in our security and pest management, I’ve found. That way any problems can be dealt with quickly and easily, if they do arise.

Mauling Possums

My biggest fear is that when I’m asleep a possum will crawl onto my face and scratch me. This fear was developed when my brother and I use to celebrate the beginning of summer by sleeping in our backyard. He would tell me horror stories about flying possums that would maul your eyes when you sleep and that when you woke up you wouldn’t be able to see, and would no idea why.

When I almost asleep last night, I heard a noise that never ceases to terrify me: the sound of a possum walking over roof tiles. I automatically assume that they are coming for my eyes and cover my head under the blanket, waiting for them to come for me.

In the morning, I insisted that my parents call pest control Melbourne to come take the possums away. When I had gotten home from school and discovered the job had still not been done, I undertook the role of finding a suitable pest management Melbourne company myself. Unfortunately for me, the receptionist assumed that due to my young sounding voice, I was simply making a prank call and told me to have an adult call back.

After hours of nagging, my mother finally agreed to get into contact with pest inspection Melbourne and have them visit our house. I imagined them to come in full protective body gear, grab the possums and leave, but I never did get to see them. I was at school when they came and when I asked my mother about the results, she had simply smiled and told me that everything would be fine. As I was still young, I believed her and asked no further questions, knowing that that night, I would be able to sleep peacefully.