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We found the best vehicle the other day

We went into the Lower City’s scrap heap the other day, to see if we could find a vehicle. We now have the crew together and the next step is to get the best vehicle we can. I mean we even have a dog/mascot, but not a vehicle. it’s almost disgraceful how little we can move every day, with the Storm only 4 months away. It’s not just the Storm though, after the Transition, we’ll all need to get somewhere, and very very fast. No one has any idea what we are going to do, or what we are going to be after this Transition, but I do know that we’ll be in need of everything we can.

We found lots and lots of disposable batteries while we were in the heap, and a lot of portable car batteries. We didn’t realise that there were so many battery packs that people throw away every year. There was a huge electrical storm that wiped out a lot of Lower City’s power and electrics a few years back, and as such, many people needed to do a complete overhaul on the electrical systems of everything that they had. Thus was born the great Lower City Scrap Heap. It’s huge behemoth of a pile, with thousands upon thousands of scrap parts for everything, from hoverboards, to vehicle destroyers. It’s a gold mine for scrappers and salvagers like us, and there are many a crew who make their entire living just doing nothing but finding and selling the scrap heap material that they find. Almost 80% of it goes to second order consumer crews such as us. We aren’t the best with electrical and battery pack repairs, ao we need to buy what we can.

We’ve found that people will buy lots and lots of jump starter packs, if you can get them in working order. People need that sort of thing, and we figure we can find a bunch and start selling them as we move along. We need money to find a vehicle for ourselves, so we figured it would work in our favour. what we found was the greatest vehicle I’ve ever seen.