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Accidental cannon fire results in window replacement

When I got home to find my front window smashed with a post-it note stuck to it, I was so furious I could have ripped someone’s head off. Instead I grabbed the note and walked inside. The note was from the neighbours across the road. It said that they had been testing out an old cannon they found at an old factory and they didn’t expect it to work. During the test run the cannon fired straight through their window and then through mine. I looked outside and saw the hole in their wall. I couldn’t help but laugh. I wondered how old these kids were, and what kind of factory they were snooping around in that would’ve had a cannon!

My curiosity was aroused, so I walked across the road and knocked on the door. To my surprise, a twenty something, narrow jawed prince answered the door. His smile gave me butterflies as he apologised again for the hole. He told me that he had scheduled for Window repair Melbourne to come to both our houses tomorrow to take measurements. Sash Window Replacement Melbourne was going to pay to fix my window. I was frozen. I smiled, laughed nervously and walked back home.

When the Timber window repairs Melbourne man knocked on my door I secretly hoped it would be the neighbour. I let the man in and he did his thing. I asked him questions about the house over the road, who lived there, was there any girl things in the house, what did they do. He answered as best he could for someone who’d only been as far as the front window. The man told me he’d be in touch and hurried off. I needed a reason to go back across the road. I just couldn’t think of anything.