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The wonders of the signwriting store

I’d never seen anything like the Signage Perth store. I walked in with wide eyes, looking around the store, trying to take in as much as I possibly could. I had never been into a sign writers store before and wondered if this one was special, or if they all looked like this. I asked my father. He told me that Signwriters Perth was the best signwriting store in the area, which was why we had gone to them. My father was looking to gain some extra exposure for his business, in the hope of expanding. In the end, my father wanted to be able to have enough work booked up to be able to hire another worker, or two. That meant that the other worker would be able to take over all the installation or repair work and my father would be working in the office and providing quotes. It would mean, in the end, that my father would have a lot more time available to spend with me. He always told me that was the most important thing in the world, it didn’t matter how much money you made – it was the people you had close by to share your life with that mattered. I knew he was right and I wondered how so many other people had forgotten that along the way.

We walked up to the front counter, where a man was patiently waiting. The man from Signwriting Perth welcomed my father and I into the store and offered us his assistance. My father mentioned to the man that he had phoned up yesterday and spoken about having some free standing signs and car signage done for his plumbing company. The man behind the counter remembered my father and asked if we had any ideas for the signage. My father looked at the man blankly and then stated that he probably should have thought about that before we had come into the store.