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We need to get the signs

We need to get the most out of the advertising and marketing opportunities than we can. I know that we have one of the largest and most recognisable ships in the subsector, possibly the galaxy, and you’re telling me that we don’t want to put any of our things on the ship? That we don’t want any signage Perth? We need to make the most out of this stuff, and get our name and ace out there into the galaxy. I want to tell him all this, but he won’t listen to me. He’s still mad about the cool room situation, even after we both apologized more than half a dozen time on half a dozen occasions. We don’t know what else to do, Damien and I, so we’ll just push through and do the best jobs that we can, whatever they may be. I want the signwriters Perth to see the ship, and to try and convince the captain themselves. Maybe they’ll have better luck with it than I did. I hope they do anyway, so that we can make the most of this chance that the Gods have given us.

I hope that the way we see this ship as it is now, is the last time that we see it like this. I hope that there is nothing but signs on the ship when I get back. The signwriting Perth crew are here for a meeting with the captain and the first mate. They are going to try and convince the captain that we need to get some signage up in this place, and I totally agree. Nick the accountant is also there, so he can help be on the side of victory, wherever side that may be. I’m not too sure if I like him or not. He might be just like me, so maybe that’s why I don’t quite trust him.