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The wedding of the century

We met William Dunbar through some mutual friends at a wedding that I was at. They had some lovely letterpress wedding invitations at that do, so I thought I might get into that business (the distribution of them. We were in need of a science officer that knew a lot about weapons, to come on board the (at the time) new Elkan Maru. I had barely had the ship in my possession for two weeks, and we were starting to fill in the crew roles. My first officer, Wallace Talse (yes THAT Talse, of the world of the same name) said that we needed to go to this wedding to see Albert Fineman.

Albert Fineman? He’s not only a weapons expert, he’s a scientist. Well he’s the scientist responsible for helping to creating 80% of the defensive and offensive weapons on this ship, thanks to his time at Wendell Research. He and his team made unparalleled breakthroughs in science. He’s not actually going to be our security officer, he’s just going to help us find him. He said that the greatest man he taught was at this wedding at that we should come along to see what he was all about. After hearing the rantings of some raving lunatic at the bar (who hadn’t even had a drop of alcohol) we realised that Dunbar was that lunatic. I never did get to hear his thoughts on the wedding invitations as we were leaving.

He knew what we needed to do, and he knew we were looking at him as a candidate. The next day we went to our ship to see him already making his way inside, it his quarters. He took the initiative to settle himself, as well as to bring along about 400 or so of the silver wedding invitations from that wedding, so that he could prove to me he knew what he was talking about.