Drainage contractor makes for great, useful company

The few days between the appointment booking, and the man from Sewer Replacement Melbourne arriving went incredibly slowly. I was constantly fighting myself and my need to be honest, battling to keep a secret that I knew would harm my relationship. If I told my boyfriend about the curse he would laugh in my face. He might even think I’m a lunatic and leave me that instant. I was so confused and I had no one to talk to about it. My boyfriend was at work and I had just finished tidying the house before the plumber from High Pressure Water Jet Drain Clearing Melbourne arrived – trying to pass time.

The doorbell rang and I rushed over to answer it. There stood the man from Blocked Drain Melbourne. He was trying not to look at the pile of towels and blankets, sheets and rugs we had on the front veranda. We had done our best to keep the water from overflowing in the time being, but didn’t have enough room on the clothesline to dry it all. I was anxious and the plumber could tell. I walked him through to the bathroom as I explained what happened. The man knelt down and peered down the drain pipe. Suddenly, I realised this man could help me with my biggest problem. All I needed was an outsider’s opinion. The man looked up at me and told me of the hair that had filled the pipes, completely clogging them. I didn’t take any notice – none of this was news to me. Instead, I started asking the man about his beliefs in curses and black magic. Oddly enough, the man told me that he believed in karma – which to some (bad) people could be considered a curse. I liked the way this man thought, although I knew I wasn’t a bad person. I was just a child more interested in playing with trucks than Barbie.

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