Excitement grows as air conditioner technicians arrive

I’d been walking from one end of my house to the other. I was trying to pass time and had already done absolutely everything I could think of doing. The men from Air Conditioning Service Adelaide were due to arrive this morning and have a look at my air conditioning system. I didn’t know what had gone wrong, but when I woke up the other day, the air conditioner wasn’t working. I had done everything I’d needed to do, had a look at it myself, gave it a bit of a bang and a tap. It was all to no avail, so I decided the safest, and probably the best, idea would be to call in the professionals. The last time I’d needed to have something done to my air conditioner, I’d stuck the company’s sticker on the side of the air conditioner. That was so I didn’t forget their name because I was so pleased with their service.

The technicians from Air Conditioning Repairs Adelaide must have just arrived, because I heard a van pull into my driveway. I ran out into the lounge room and jumped on the couch. I quickly switched on the television, to make it appear that I was sitting on the couch all morning. I wanted them to think I’d been completely immersed in the early morning television shows that I hadn’t even thought about the heat. I didn’t want the men from Air Conditioning Adelaide knowing that I was pacing around the house, counting down the seconds until they arrived. I was really struggling with the weather and I couldn’t wait for them to get in here and get fixing. I waited patiently on the couch for the men to get their tools out of their van, get themselves ready and knock on the door.

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