New life starts with a building inspection

The place didn’t look like much, but I wanted to know more. I had been searching online for the cheapest properties that I could find. It all started when I’d seen a show on one of those so called news shows, I think it was A Current Affair, about people finding homes and businesses for $1! I’d always dreamed of being a homeowner, but if I were to look at things realistically, there was a good chance I could end up renting forever. I had never focused on my career, consequently resulting in an underpaid and overworked, dead end job. My prospects were not very bright, until I realised that I had the power to change anything in my life. Getting a grip on my emotions and my thoughts, as well as the computer mouse, I started browsing. Browsing through property listings slowly turned to becoming obsessed with finding the cheapest home in Australia. In my case, having no career meant having no ties to a certain spot; I was free to move wherever I pleased. I wanted to start a new life, a good, prosperous life.

Within days of my obsession spiralling out of control, I found the perfect house. It was, to me, absolutely gorgeous. I had done as much research on the place as possible, the area, the habitat, the climate, the council laws and anything else I could think of. That was when I decided to phone Pest and Building Inspection Melbourne. Although the place was cheap, if it didn’t pass one of the Melbourne Building Inspections, then there was no point even looking at it. I was after a purchase, not a life destroyer. I just hoped that the guys at Defect Report Melbourne had time to fit me in!

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