The drive to the garage place, a nerve wracking experience

The windows were all down in the car, and it felt like a we were stranded in a wind tunnel, with no sight of the exit. Although I knew we were going fast, it felt like my father was driving at twenty kilometres an hour. He hadn’t stopped talking to the radio since we’d started driving, as Dad usually did. The radio in my father’s car was permanently on ABC Talk Radio. I didn’t mind it, sometimes what they spoke about was interesting, but a lot of the time my father took offence to what the presenters were saying. He often ended up in a fit of rage, screaming at the radio presenters and abusing the car. It was a funny sight, or it would of been if it didn’t happen on every drive. My mother was completely used to it, staring out the window, somehow she managed to block his yelling out. I sat quietly in the back, twiddling my thumbs. I wanted to tell my father to stop talking to people who couldn’t hear him, and to put his foot down. I knew better than that, so I turned my attention to the passing paddocks, lining the narrow highway. It was a nice drive into town, and it gave me time to think about the stable, and what the people at Horse Sheds Tamworth were going to be like. My father had spoken very highly of them, so I figured they must of been good at what they did.

When we pulled into the carpark of Commercial Barns Tamworth, a cloud of dust trailed behind the car. Jumping out of the car before my father had even stopped, I ran towards the front door of Car Cover Tamworth. My mother called out to me, ordering me to slow down and look out for cars.

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